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    Riftwars Bug Compilation Thread (READ before posting)

    Please post all Riftwars related bugs in this thread. Some rules:

    • ***Disable ALL mods before posting anything, this could skew results and lead to weird bug discrepancies that won't happen if people don't use mods!***

    • Riftwars loading problem:

      Navigate to your hon install directory. Go to /game then delete your maps folder. Launch HoN then navigate to options and perform a repair install.

    • Bugs that don't occur on the official Riftwars Matchmaking mode won't be accepted. This includes being able to get skills that are specifically disabled for Riftwars as mentioned in the FAQ (e.g. Aluna's ultimate, Special Ammunition, etc.)

    We appreciate the enthusiasm of those testing the shuffleabilities mode prior to its release. Please make sure any bugs you report is happening in the official release of Rift Wars and not in a non-official map that involves characteristics (i.e. Shuffle Abilities) from Riftwars.

    Colour code:

    • Orange = very skeptical about this bug happening but it's a possibility. Most likely will be ignored because it's most likely mod-related (when the original post says to disable them...)
    • Yellow = happens, but can't be fixed by scripting (unless tedious workarounds are made, which isn't worth it)

    Known bugs

    Pre-retail release:

    Master of Arms Bow is invisible sometimes
    Devourer's Decay doesn't stack if on at the same time
    Auras do not stack properly if the same hero has two of the same Aura
    Some effects (Such as Lance-a-Long) cover the whole screen for a split second
    After finishing the Shuffle Pick phase, it says "Picking Phase" again
    Artillery's LRM is not able to be turned
    Lodestone's Armor Plating has no visual effects
    Voodoo's Mojo doesn't stack correctly
    Deconstructor Tempest's minions become regular minions when they split
    Bombardier's Stick Bomb doesn't work properly when you have two of the same ability and use it at the same time

    Charge-based abilities have very odd animations when used as a normal ability
    Nomad's True/Mirage Strike does not cause your illusion to run into Melee before the attack as it should
    Arachna's Webbed Shot & Vindicator's Master's Incantation (the attack modifiers) will trigger onabilityimpact - will cause unintended behaviour in conjunction with Behemoth's Heavyweight and similar abilities.

    3.2.7 (Riftwars release)

    General: The game does not end when you play as 4 (no points left, all players dead).
    General: the game doesn't end if 1 team has 0 points & all heroes dead, if there's a disconnected hero on their team.

    Deadwood E: Clearcutting (DW ability) in ability slot 3 while in bear form as Wildsoul would not let me walk through trees. In regular form, it worked fine.
    Deadwood E: Clearcutting on Gladiator shows this little texture in the direction you are facing.
    Master of Arms skills won't work
    Multiple stacking channel disabling states - expires prematurely (when the first applied one expires):
    Gravekeeper E: if you have multiple Gravekeeper E skills, only 1 of them gains charges.
    Arachna Q: Webbed Shot doesn't stack.
    Arachna Q: When left-clicking Webbed Shot and targeting an enemy, the hero can attack from up to 600 range. Occasionally the attack doesn't do any damage to the target and the 'Too bad!' message appears above your hero for no apparent reason. Tested on Hellbourne creeps; "too bad" incident seemed to happen more frequently on ranged than melee creeps though it may just be chance.
    Emerald Warden's ultimate: Gawain breaks stealth if it attacks someone while you're in the fade time of an invis.
    Emerald Warden's ultimate: Gawain (Emerald Warden's ulti) on Wildsoul causes Gawain's first ability to have the icon of Wildsoul's battlecry while Gawain's remaining skills' icons do not show correctly. Cooldowns of the skills are also not displayed.
    Gemini's W: using the skill results in losing control of your hero.
    Salomon Q: somehow & sometimes, you're able to get both Cosmic Cleaves as subskills in the ultimate slot.
    Salomon ultimate: subabilities from avatar form don't work. You don't get the icons or the abilities, you can only press R to end the ultimate form at 30% HP.
    Vindicator W: Master's Incantation is always 600 range if you try to orb walk with it, making your hero miss all the time.
    Empath ult: skills like Devourer's Hook will grab the target you're inside.
    Parasite W: If you Infest a Wild Hunter and use the invis, though your model wont appear, your dot on the mini map will show to both teams in areas with vision.
    Bombardier Q (similar to Lodestone Q multiple instances): having more than 1 Sticky Bomb out at a time causes the explosion proxy mechanic to work improperly (Having double bomb stun, throwing one then the other would cause the first trigger to be removed)
    Blitz E: unable to cast as Aluna (ultimate avatar)
    Master of Arms E: can't attack when you have 0 charges, even when you switch back to blue mode
    Empath ult: as Vigilante Vindicator (as per reporter), if you're in an allied hero & he dies, then you won't get out of the hero automatically. Instead you'll be stuck at that spot until he comes back (and you'll still be inside him):
    Ophelia's E: minions controlled by Command won't die like other minions do when your main hero dies
    Shadowblade ult: doesn't change main attribute (when played on Doll Master Puppet Master avatar, anyway)
    Sir Benzington's E: having multiples of this skill and using the active on 1 of the skill slots & attacking a target will consume charges on all instances of Benzington's E
    Aluna's E: each cast of Deja Vu counts as a real spellcast (pertinent for spellcast passives like Restless). This includes "Button 2" and "Button 3" of the spell's cast options.


    Amun-Ra's ultimate: Ra's revive doesn't stop a point from being lost on death. You still lose 100 points when the hero death occurs even with a revive ready.
    Empath's E: multiple instances of aura (either from 1 hero or from your team) don't stack
    Klanx's W: While H.A.W.K. is active, pathing ignores cliff/treewalking as intended. However, the game tries to move you normally, so in order to cliffwalk or destroy trees you must click very close to the hero. Bug only occurs on non-Klanx heroes when they receive Klanx W.

    Tremble mounds do not provide the full regeneration bonus and they still turn you invisible after you've died and no longer have the tremble mound skill.

    Player can manipulate game to make said player not add any shuffled heroes to the shuffled ability pool.

    How to replicate:

    During shuffle picking phase, filter out heroes to only have 1 option to random from. As the timer runs out, no heroes are added to the shuffle pool by the player.


    Apply filters Ranged + Jungle + Carry. Now the game has only Wild Soul to random from.

    This works only if you have precisely 1 option to random. Adding filters so that the game has no heroes to random from doesn't trigger this kind of behavior.
    Pearl's Soothing Presence (E) Aura doesn't stack, doesn't matter if it's from one or multiple sources.

    Moon Queen's W: Multi-Strike bounce projectiles are not always visible (was on a Slither)


    Oogie's E: Doesn't work if you're a ranged hero.

    General-case bugs that affect a certain set of skills

    - If paired with high attack speed & if you're a ranged hero with a slow projectile, the following skills can proc multiple times before the projectile impacts & puts the skill on cooldown:
    • Scout's E (Disarm)
    • Gauntlet's Q (Infernal Instability)

    - Incorrect interaction when having more than 1 of the same skills (i.e. when using that skills' subability)
    • Lodestone Q: having multiple ones and using them both at once will result in moving to the bottom-left corner of the map (0,0). This is due to improper proxy chains being made.
    • Ravenor's Q: if 2 players have Ball Lightning and they both hit a target, only the most recent one can activate to teleport & stun to the target.
    • Maliken's Q: If you try to teleport to a sword with the subability hotkey that you didn't actually end up throwing, you'll end up at (0,0).

    - "Infinite" animation until another command is issued. This is due to how animations are handled in the script. They're really not important because most players will issue a new command within 1 second.
    • Cthulhuphant & ability_1 anim
    • Tundra
    • ...and many more! Not important though like mentioned above.

    - Auras don't stack if they are different levels from more than one source. E.g. if Arachna's Precision aura from hero A is level 1 & the Precision aura from hero B is level 4, then the state that gets applied the most recently will take effect, regardless of level. Confirmed examples include:

    • Arachna's Precision (E)
    • Magebane's Master of the Mantra (E)

    - Ultimates that grant extra subabilities without SotM sharing hotkey cooldown with your other spell that's in that hotkey slot (usually, it's the hotkey "E"). Instead of being able to use the ability in that slot, cooldown checks are made vs those special skills exclusive to the ult state of those heroes. Examples include:

    • Empath's ultimate subskill, "Faster"
    • Wildsoul's ultimate subskill, "Battle Cry"

    Stuck Spots

    Bottom-left corner of the hill beside the shop in the middle of the map:

    Tooltip Errors (super low priority)
    Master of Arms E:
    Post match "Achievement", Had a good time: "Can't get enough of Midwars". Should be Riftwars, not Midwars.

    Fixed bugs (can mean fixed internally or live)

    General: played 3 games in 4th game did not get a free amulet use to reset spells.

    Courier: buying a new one (flying or ground, doesn't matter) and letting the owner (hero) of the courier die will make the courier disappear.
    Courier: aggros creeps (it should not do so).
    Lodestone Plates do not regenerate charges once the initial ones are consumed.
    Silhouette's ultimate: has no cooldown on swapping between the original hero and her illusion (this was done on Plague Rider using the Frost Rider Skin).
    Silhouette ultimate: sometimes puts you in the bottom-left corner of the map when swapping
    General: You don't get a Riftwars Amulet after 3 games.
    Pharaoh ult: receives subability (SotM-boosted ult):
    Solstice ult: can't be stopped by a second press of the key
    Rampage Q: if you have a multiple of this skill they all go on CD once you hit the target.
    Pebbles ult: having SotM and not having the Chuck will result in the Group Chuck (boosted ult) active dealing 0 damage to targets.
    Gravekeeper's Defiling Touch doesn't stack properly
    Gravekeeper's Corpse Toss doesn't use a charge if it is used to break a Nullstone
    Gauntlets Grapple - Chain dissapears during animation, atleast when used from Pebbles.
    Pebbles ult - hero is stunned if you obtain Pebbles' ultimate skill in Riftwars. This should be fixed (at least internally if not in retail yet)
    Points put into stats don't refund after death.

    Invalid bugs ("features" that are working as intended unless otherwise decided on sometime in the future)

    Loading assets don't work: read this thread! There's an answer here near the top of the page...

    General: having a same skill twice or 3 times. It's 100% intended. The only thing that's not intended is if the skills don't stack in some way.
    General: fountains aren't supposed to attack at all (both Legion & Hellbourne base fountains). This is intended to prevent unnecessary prolonging of Riftwars games.
    General: Gadgets like Tremble Mounds / Engineer Mines / Warden Traps aren't deleted like minions when you die. They're gadgets, not minions, therefore they're intended to stay after you die.

    Parasite W: Infests can stack & override previous Infest instances. The final Infest instance for the effective Infest duration will have control of the infested unit.
    Wildsoul's ultimate: you are not meant to gain any subabilities from the ultimate, this includes the Battle Cry subability active. Doesn't matter if your main hero is Wildsoul or not.
    Bubbles Take Cover: If you use take cover from Bubbles you visually turn into the Bubbles shell so you can easily notice when someone is using take cover.
    Master of Arms E & interaction with MoA's other skills: Can only receive 1 version of Master of Arms' ultimate (red or blue), even if your main hero is Master of Arms and/or you have Master of Arms' E "toggle" skill. Same thing with Q or W. You're not supposed to be able to "toggle" them at will.
    Being dead while your team has 0 points:
    Quote Originally Posted by tiGa
    If the hero died before the points hit zero, yes they're supposed to respawn.

    Like if blue died and left the legion team with 100 points and then orange died, followed by yellow immediately after, orange and blue would respawn (because they died before the points were at zero) and yellow would not. Even though blue and orange were dead when the message popped up, technically they were still alive when the team had points so they will respawn.
    Blitz movement speed is capped at 522. Only leveling Blitz's E skill can make you surpass the movespeed cap.
    Defiler's E being used in Riftwars - this is because of the % movespeed it gives. I can talk to devs about it but the % movespeed is a valid reason for it to stay in Riftwars.
    Forsaken Archer's W (Split Fire): the split shots are intended to be able to go "behind" your hero. It works like this in retail too if you don't have other valid targets in front of you, it's perfectly normal.
    Arachna's E doesn't work on melee heroes & it's intended.
    Games played for Riftwars aren't supposed to be retrievable for now.
    Any disconnects obtained via Riftwars are meant to stay for obvious reasons (prevention of abuse & wasting other peoples' times without repercussion).
    Bugs that don't occur on the official Riftwars Matchmaking mode won't be accepted. This includes being able to get skills that are specifically disabled for Riftwars as mentioned in the FAQ (e.g. Aluna's ultimate, Special Ammunition, etc.)
    Armadon's ultimate: someone reported saying that it doesn't work on anything except Spine Burst, this is 100% incorrect. It works whenever you cast any spell.
    Parasite W: Not a Riftwars specific bug.
    My brother and I were in a game and he used Parasite's Infest on an enemy Tempest Elemental as it died or ran out, not sure. He was removed from the game. His dot was on the minimap in one of the far corners but his character wasnt and he could not send out a teleport or anything.
    Cleave-like skills on ranged heroes: the cleave originates from your hero (e.g. starts at point-blank range just like if you were a melee hero). The cleave AoE doesn't center around the location of where your autoattack impacts the target.
    Devourer's E: The way it works is that it permanently adjusts your hero's strength. The charges on the skill only serve as a visual indicator, so if you lose the skill & get it again then it should be at 0 again, which is a minor bug but an unimportant one. Any changes to your hero's strength via Devourer's E is indeed permanent and intended to persist after you lose the skill.
    Auto stat leveler - not technically a bug per say, but I'll ask about the feature.
    The auto stat leveler only works on respawn. Would be nice to auto level stats in the same fashion when you have all four skills maxed out and you hit a new level.
    Not getting subskills like Pharaoh's boosted ultimate, Nymphora's boosted ultimate, etc. - this is intended, please re-read the FAQ that's at the top of this thread (second bullet).
    Madman's E: Gash is intended to work on all sorts of autoattacks. This includes split attacks & bounced attacks. Cleave & splash does not count because the AoE damage isn't an autoattack that's actually dealt to all targets.
    Shadowblade's E: In Riftwars, Soul Sight's state is intended to give +600 flat range, rather than adjusting your hero's range to 600. This +600 range only works on melee heroes though, not ranged ones.
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    I don't understand why don't you fix Empath's ult and Devourer's Hook.

    This works perfectly fine for me, both vanilla and RW mode (with a hero who has devourer hook and empath ult) :


    Added <pushability name="Ability_Devourer1" /> and <setproxy entity="stack_entity" target="target_entity" /> so the proxy of Devourer's Hook ability I own is the hero I used Empath Ult on
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    		<dispel type="StatusBuff" target="source_entity" />
    		<dispel type="StatusDebuff" target="source_entity" />
    		<expirestate name="State_Enemy_Ravenor_Ability1" target="source_entity" />
    		<disjoint target="source_entity" />
    		<orderdisjoint target="source_entity" />
    		<applystate name="State_Empath_Ability4_Self" target="source_entity"  proxy="target_entity" duration="30000" spawner="this_entity" />
    		<applystate name="State_Empath_Ability4_Target" target="target_entity" proxy="source_entity" duration="30000" pushentity="true" />
    		<setproxy entity="this_entity" target="stack_entity" />
    		<pushability name="Ability_Devourer1" />
    		<setproxy entity="stack_entity" target="target_entity" />
    		<hasavatarkey name="Hero_Empath.Alt2" entity="this_owner_entity">
    			<hasmodifier name="Alt2_Sin_Set_Bonus" entity="this_owner_entity">
    				<playeffect effect="../alt2/ability_04/effects/beam.effect" source="source_position" target="target_position" occlude="true" />
    				<playeffect effect="../alt2/ability_04/effects/beam.effect" source="source_position" target="target_position" occlude="true" />
    			<playeffect effect="effects/beam.effect" source="source_position" target="target_position" occlude="true" />
    		<resetcooldown />
    		<startcooldown duration="1500" />
    	<modifier key="Empath_Inside" modpriority="100"
    			<expirestate name="State_Empath_Ability4_Self" target="source_entity" />
    			<evaluate a="source_health_percent" b="100" op="mult" />
    			<setaccumulator entity="this_proxy_entity" value="result" />
    	<altavatar key="Hero_Empath.Alt2" modpriority="90"
    		<aura state="State_Empath_Alt2_Effects" targetscheme="self" radius="0" ignoreinvulnerable="true"/>
    		<modifier key="Alt2_Sin_Set_Bonus" modpriority="91"
    			<aura state="State_Empath_Alt2_Sin_Set_Bonus_Effects" targetscheme="self" radius="0" ignoreinvulnerable="true"/>
    	<modifier key="ult_boost" modpriority="99"


    Removed "projectile="Projectile_HD"" and put the "onimpact" bracket in order to set the projectile's proxy
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        casteffecttype="Physical Push"
            <applystate name="State_Devourer_Ability1_Data" duration="2000" target="source_entity" />
            <spawnprojectile name="Projectile_Devourer_Ability1_HD" target="target_position" proxy="proxy_entity" />
    <!-- This code has to change since I removed the "projectile="" " stuff
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Classic" modpriority="1"
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Alt2" modpriority="1"
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Alt3" modpriority="1"
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Alt4" modpriority="1"
            <modifier key="Alt4_Sin_Set_Bonus" modpriority="2"
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Alt5" modpriority="1"
        <altavatar key="Hero_Devourer.Alt6" modpriority="1"
            <modifier key="Alt6_1" modpriority="2"

    Added <condition test="target_entity ne proxy_entity" > so it doesn't react to the proxy_entity, which is... the hero I'm inside ! Also, added <condition test="proxy_entity != 0" > so the hook comes from the hand of the hero I'm inside, not the middle of him
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <condition test="proxy_entity != 0" >
                <playeffect effect="effects/trail.effect" source="proxy_entity" target="this_entity" />
                <playeffect effect="effects/trail.effect" source="source_entity" target="this_entity" />
            <setparam a="0" />
            <condition test="not_redirect">
                <targettype type="alive" target="source_entity">
                    <playanim name="ability_1_end" target="source_entity" />
                <retarget target="this_owner_entity" />
                <expirestate target="this_proxy_entity" name="State_Devourer_Ability1" />
                <expirestate target="this_proxy_entity" name="State_Devourer_Ability1_Unbind" />
            <condition test="target_entity ne proxy_entity" >
                <condition test="not_bound">
                    <compare a="param" b="0" op="eq">
                        <condition test="not_redirect">
                            <combatevent effecttype="AbilityBasedProjectile">
                                    <cantarget targetscheme="enemy_units">
                                        <applystate name="State_Stunned" duration="100" />
                                        <playeffect effect="/heroes/devourer/ability_01/effects/impact.effect" source="target_position" target="" occlude="true"/>
                                        <damage effecttype="Physical" amount="100,200,300,400" />
                                    <unbind target="target_entity" />
                                    <bind target="target_entity" />
                            <setproxy entity="this_entity" target="target_entity" />
                            <setparam a="1" />
                            <applystate name="State_Devourer_Ability1" target="target_entity" duration="-1" pushentity="true" />
                            <applystate name="State_Devourer_Ability1_Unbind" target="target_entity" duration="900" proxy="stack_entity" />
                            <retarget target="this_owner_entity" />
                            <targettype type="alive" target="source_entity">
                                <playanim name="ability_1_end" target="source_entity" />


    Wierd code incoming ! Once the ult is finished, I have to remove the proxy of my hook, or it will go through the hero I ultied, and the hook trail effect will play from him. <clearproxy entity="" /> doesn't work (you can't set the entity you want to clear the proxy of). So, I spawn a invisible invulnerable not blocking unit that last for 1 frame, I set the proxy of my devourer hook to it, and the frame after, there's no more proxy on my hook. Still, you should add the possibility to target an entity with <clearproxy/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <compare a="this_proxy_entity" b="0" op="ne">
                <teleport source="source_entity" target="this_proxy_entity" interpolate="true" facetarget="true" />
                <expire />
            <entitytype target="inflictor_entity" type="Item_HomecomingStone">
                <setaccumulator value="1" />
                <expire />
            <entitytype target="inflictor_entity" type="Item_PostHaste">
                <setaccumulator value="1" />
                <expire />
            <!-- Subtract intended cooldown by this state's lifetime (30000 ms) -->
            <evaluate a="70000,50000,30000" b="lifetime_remaining" op="add" />
            <startcooldown toolname="Ability_Empath4" duration="result" />
            <expirestate name="State_Empath_Ability4_Target" target="this_proxy_entity" />
            <compare a="accumulator" b="1" op="ne">
                <order command="stop" force="true" />
            <!-- Wierd code ahead just in order to clear the proxy_entity of devourerability1... clearproxy can't target another ability -->
            <spawnunit name="Gadget_DevFix" target="source_entity" pushentity="true" />
            <setent0 entity="stack_entity" />
            <pushability name="Ability_Devourer1" />
            <setproxy entity="stack_entity" target="ent0" />
        <altavatar key="Hero_Empath.Alt2" modpriority="90"
            <modifier key="Alt2_Sin_Set_Bonus" modpriority="91"
        <modifier key="ult_boost" modpriority="100"
                <evaluate a="lifetime_remaining" />
                <compare a="result" b="0" op="ne">
                    <startcooldown toolname="Ability_Empath4" duration="result" />
                <expirestate name="State_Empath_Ability4_Target" target="this_proxy_entity" />
                <compare a="accumulator" b="1" op="ne">
                    <order command="stop" force="true" />
                <!-- Wierd code ahead just in order to clear the proxy_entity of devourerability1... clearproxy can't target another ability -->
                <spawnunit name="Gadget_DevFix" target="source_entity" pushentity="true" />
                <setent0 entity="stack_entity" />
                <pushability name="Ability_Devourer1" />
                <setproxy entity="stack_entity" target="ent0" />
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    * Points put into stats don't refund after death.
    Has been fixed. I don't believe patch notes ever mentioned it.

    This game 127539442 as pink, I had Slither Toxicity. I noticed it stacked separate states on neutrals until I put a second level into it.

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    Ophelia minions aren't respecting their leash requirements.

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