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    5v5 Viewer Inhouses with [aL]Present23 and [vdT]Pewe!

    Team up with [aL]Present23 or [vdT]Pewe to fight for the Hope Witch Slayer avatar!

    The first match will be played July 1st, 17.00 CEST / 11.00AM EDT / 08.00AM PDT. The games will then be hosted back-to-back, until all five (5) games have been played. There is no set time for games 2-5, as they will be hosted as soon as the previous game is over.

    Sign Up:
    The sign up is open until June 30th, 22.00 CEST / 04.00PM EDT / 01.00PM PDT. Those who do not make the first 40 spots will be placed on a waiting list. You are required to sign up using your main account as the name in the sign up, and have atleast 100 games played on that account.

    Check In:
    Please join the channel BotV ingame (/j BotV) on the day of the event. You are required to check in to claim your spot, if you are one of the first 40 players to sign up for this event. Do so by writing in the channel that you are checking in, and be ready to join the game when you are invited. Players on the waiting list are not required to check in, and are asked to avoid doing so.

    The players on each winning team will receive the Hope Witch Slayer alt avatar.
    The viewers with the first correct answer to the questions in the stream chat trivia will win the DJ Rap City avatar.

    When the sign up is filled with 40 players, the teams will be decided based on the MMR of the players. This is done to have as fair matches as possible. We cannot, however, guarantee that the players from the waiting list is of the same MMR when replacing someone in a game.
    The teams will be announced before the event starts, on the HoN Forums and on

    The games will be hosted with different modes/settings, to make this a fun event for everyone - Players and Viewers. We will be using modes such as SD, BD, RD, LP etc. The modes and setting of each game will be announced at the same time as the teams are announced.

    If you have any questions, please contact Gracee ingame or on the HoN Forums.

    During this event we will also be hosting a trivia, with DJ Rap City prizes, in the stream chats on;

    To sign up, please use the following link:

    Players will be removed from the Sign up if:
    - You sign up with anything else than your ingame name.
    - You have less than 100 games played on the account you sign up with.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Alright! The teams have been set.

    Game 1: ALL RANDOM, Special: Only ONE repick allowed on each team.
    Game 2: ALL PICK, Special: Legion can ONLY pick Legion heroes. Hellbourne can ONLY pick Hellbourne heroes.
    Game 3: BANNING DRAFT, Special: Each team must pick 1 agi, 2 int, 2 str heroes.
    Game 4: SINGLE DRAFT, Special: No hero swap.
    Game 5: RANDOM DRAFT, Special: Each team picks the three first heroes for the other team.

    Game 1 -
    Game 2 -
    Game 3 -
    Game 4 -
    Game 5 -

    Check In starts July 1st, 10.00AM EDT / 16.00 CEST.
    Check In ends 10.45AM EDT / 16.45 CEST.
    You can only check in by writing that you are checking in, in the channel BotV ingame. /j BotV

    See you monday!
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    Great idea. Can't wait. Even though i will probably get stomped.

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    I cant really sign up cause I have a ` in my name, but id love to participate

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    yay asian powah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by I`m16YrsOld View Post
    I cant really sign up cause I have a ` in my name, but id love to participate
    I added you manually to the sign up. See you monday

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    Nice idea!

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    Singed mememememem I wanna play

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    well thought

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    I want to play

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    I'm down

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    signed up!

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    signed up should be fun

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    Updated first post with teams and modes!
    To make it clear for everyone - The only speccs allowed are Admins and S2 staff. This event will be streamed from 2 POVs as stated in the first post, and we will be having trivias where you can win DJ Rap City avatars.

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    If there only was some sort of award for the winning team...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeNap View Post
    If there only was some sort of award for the winning team...
    Made it more clear. Thanks for the comment

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    is this USE or EU? ~_~

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