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    Why sG disbanded

    Hey guys its probably not my place but I really don't care. I've been upfront about my hatred of swindle from the beginning so I thought you all should know why people should never team up with / dislike him from now on +until he grows up.

    Why I first hated swindle : cut from sgty the day we became tdM and had our plane tickets to DHW paid for

    *then alot of stuff*

    Why sG disbanded: Swindle/zfreek/papfreek were stealing money from Khezu and Slickz.

    The freedmans told khezu & slickz that there were extra taxes that they needed to pay for their apartment/prize money.

    Reality: There is no "Extra tax" LMAO

    So Slickz & Khezu, naturally talked to their parents about this aforementioned "tax" they were like WTF??! thats not right

    So after a lot of bickering and banter they decided to host a big meeting with all the players AND their parents LOL.

    Papafreek/swindle say that they had to hire an accountant in order to deal with all the money they were winning / (deal with apartment too i guess!?!)

    Khezu/slickz party : "Whats his name!?"

    Papafreek : "His name is 'fuc*k you'" *exits skype call*

    Swindle apparently continues to yell like someone didnt scout with wolves or something.

    Team disband -_-.

    All in all: Swindle I hate you and you're a terrible person. You started acting somewhat noble once you started winning but I'm glad to see you're still the snake that you were 2 years ago. Hope you all the worst

    - ppd
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    Oh juicy. Very Juicy.

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    stupid rat

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    ban inc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterpandam View Post
    Khezu/slickz party : "Whats his name!?"

    Papafreek : "His name is 'fuc*k you'" *exits skype call*

    Swindle apparently continues to yell like someone didnt scout with wolves or something.
    i can see where he gets it from.. poor miniapples

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    ratmelonzz strikes again! jews be jewing

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    great for the scene

    I love you peter

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    Then no wonder Slickz and Khezu left the team.
    Khezu on stream "Oh pedur!?! - I can't confirm, I can't denie either though"

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    Oh my god, pedur. what are you doing? pedur?
    Apprentice meme propagator.

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    Should change his name to SwindleMoneyzz

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    Pedurrr #1 for #realtalk, Khezu on stream, "Im not going to confirm, but im not going to deny"

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    ahahaha please let this be true, swindle such a douche

    Here's something I watch once a week to learn how to play magmus by Swindle: Swindle big magmus plays

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    Decent, but guys chill.. Zfreek gotta eat.
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    Peter you're a ugly fat ginger kid stfu

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    They "taxing" Chessie too?

    Or did he leave sG also?

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    Swindle's gonna swindle.

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    Damn that zfreek stealing their money!

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    So sad.
    Hi =)

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