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    Get the Party Started: Winners Announced!

    The Party is getting started, and you get to decide who comes next!

    Thanks to everyone who posted! It was a blast reading all the contest entries.

    The tough decision was made but our two winners are........ a_Meanie and Squirrelface

    Here are the bundles that you can expect to see on sale in the store: Party Starters (Steam Flux, Infernal Behemoth, Patriot Bubbles, Scorpion Magmus, Mystic Tempest) and the Party Crashers ( Scorcher, Brass Arachna, Frankie Pebbles, Primal Rampage, and Stealth Hunter)

    Congrats to the winners and thank you all for submitting awesome answers!


    The party is getting started and a few of the more popular groups in town have already RSVP'd!

    On May 17th we've got the Party Girls (Naughty Succubus, Sexy Moon Queen, Drunken Wench, Death Metal Rhapsody, and Dominatrix Torturer), the Party Animals (Vacation Dampeer, hillbilly Brawler, Pimp Slayer, and Mardis Gras Oogie), and the Party Jocks (Teen Hound, QB Blitz, Futbol Bubbles, El Guantelete, and Kangamonium) all coming to the party to celebrate the 3rd Honiversary!

    These groups will be bundle'd up in the store and, as always, you'll be able to get them at an awesome discount
    But, we still need more people to come to the party!

    Since we already invited a few groups, we wanted to give you guys the chance to invite some people too.
    We have room to invite 2 more groups of people to the party, those who start the party (initiators) and those who crash it (gankers)


    • Come up with a bundle of 4-5 avatars that fit in either the party starter category (initiators) or the party crashers category (gankers)
    • Post it in the this thread!
    • Final post accepted on May 13th
    • The two best bundles, one for each group, will receive 500 GC
    • Winners will be decided by a group of S2 employees
    • Including Gold Avatars and EA Avatars will instantly disqualify your bundle!
    • The winning bundles will enter the store on May 17th and will receive a discount!

    How to post

    • Start your post clearly stating which category your post is for (you can post once per category)
    • Try and stick to the theme as best as possible
    • List out all the alt avatars that you are including in your group
    • (optional) include a description of why your avatars are the best fit for the bundle

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    For The Initiators

    DJ Rap City - So she can lay down some funky beats and get everyone movin.

    Party Zephyr - So he can showcase his awesome dance skills and bring the disco ball.

    Judge Vindicator - So he can judge the dance competition.

    Jackson Frost - To be in charge of refreshments.

    Gunnar The Artillerrist - To be in charge of the pyro technics.

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    The party starter category (initiators):

    -Keeper of the desert.

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    the party crashers category (gankers):

    -Duchess dampeer
    -Primal rampage.

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    Party Starters (Initiators)

    Pimp Slayer can come and throw some drinks for everyone!

    Rainbow Rampage can come and decorate the party a bit

    Clown Devourer can give some life to the party and take the attention of people while Pimp And Rainbow Rampage get everything ready (Drinks and Decorations)

    And when everything is ready, Flaming Deadwood and Icy Deadwood can get the party started with a small show of fire and ice!
    Oh, And I almost forgot, DJ Rap City to make some tunes for their show!
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    When in doubt! pick scout!

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    The paaarty crashers


    Clown Devo - Crashing the party with bad humor.
    Quarterback Blitz - Running around the party thinking he has to tackle everyone.
    Topiary Warden - Sitting together with the boys rejecting everyone.
    Gideon Grinex - Kills people thinking other party'ers find it fun.
    PeKing Duck - Flies away from the cook who wants to cook him and vaults over every table, resulting in pure chaos.

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    Party Crashers

    Garbadore - To stink up the place.

    Den Mother- To slobber over everything.

    Infected Slither - To ruin all the food and drinks.

    Fat Nymphora - To be a creeper.

    Kali The Destroyer - To wreck everything.

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    Party Crashers; Glorios Fayde, Flaming Deadwood, Spiriticus Nymphora, Stealth Hunter Bloodhunter and Shadow Wraith Sandwraith

    Reason being that these heroes when well played set up the nastiest ganks and ruin my party(match) for me

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    The party starter category (initiators)
    Every party needs some pretty girls
    - Ruby
    - DJ Rap City
    - Glorious Fayde
    - Sabre Tooth Archer
    - Lust

    This party should follow the no EA or Gold avatar rule, but i guess its doubtful we will see it :/
    Would have been an awesome party!

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    Morockus (Let's get the party rockin')
    Gnarwhal (You're gunna have a whale of a time)
    Gypsy Fayde (What's a party without some scantily clad females)
    Futbol Bubbles (Can't have a quiet party without

    Tyrant Rally (Rally uses Demoralizing roar! HoN players flee the party)
    Duel (This is the END, of the night..go home people)
    Toadstool Deadstool (nothing says dead like deadwood)
    SlenderX (nothing like slenderman to scare everyone away)
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    Party Starters:
    Toadwood Deadstool - Shrooms to get the party started!
    Party Zephyr - Sets up the lights and a disco ball!
    Keeper of the Desert - This dude looks like he's already started in on the Toadwood Deadstool. Plus, who knows what might happen if you eat some of the flowers growing on his back.
    Chainsaw Moraxus - How can you start a party without some fat crazy dude chasing people with a chainsaw?
    Cleopatra Pharaoh - I'm sure she's got loads of experience throwing parties. She's probably the hostess.

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    Party Starters
    Golden Centurion (Legionnaire) With the Disco lights shining on this guy, You'll be sure to have a swell time!
    Keeper of the Dessert (Keeper of the Forest) Need some colors for the party? Then where not better to get them from the Crazy Colorful Cacti himself?
    Young Maliken (Maliken) Young and energetic this guy is the young bachelor joining the party, good luck Marc!
    Heap (Lodestone) Everyone knows you need to take out the trash after the party, and who not better than the Heap to take itself out?

    Edit: added descriptions
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    I don't know
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    initiators (party starters)
    - scorpion magmus
    -mystic tempest
    -infernal behemoth (or minatour behemoth)
    - patriot bubbles
    - steam flux

    gankers (party crashers)
    - duel solstice
    - glorius fayde
    - landshark bloodhunter
    - Frankie pebles
    - firewood deadwood
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    Party crashers category (gankers):
    - Slender X: Hipster alert!
    - Shadowbeast: Is schizophrenic and thinks that he s rocking the party with his friends
    - Shadow Wraith: There is always a guy who is entering the party and suddenly disappears. But when you'll find him it hurts.
    - Turtle Pult: Throwing beer bottles from the back
    - Chainsaw Moraxus: As in every horror movie there will be some killer entering the party

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    For Party Starters (the initiators)

    Hocus Pocus - for entertaining magic tricks
    Musketeer Gladiator - for some 'one for all and all for one' spirit
    Pimp slayer - party ain't pimpin without this guy
    Bravehurt Hammerstorm - becouse bagpipes are awesome
    Uncle Sam Engineer - let's get this party started with some fireworks
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    Party Starters (Initiators)

    Twista- Start the dance circle and bust a move.
    Tesla the Mad Scientist- Gotta have the experimental test tube shots
    Winston Charmadon- Obviously the classiest at the party, gotta keep it that way
    Hacina- Who do you think we're throwing the party for? She even has her traditional attire on
    Patriot Bubbles- Got his torch and is already head bobbin in the shop.

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    Party Starters Category:

    Sir Benzalot - to start the party with a huge "boom".
    Keeper of the Desert - to keep everyone at the party in the place.
    Primal Rampage - to bring new people into the party.
    Penguin Priest - to morph everyone into a fancy party penguin.
    Fat Nymphora - to bring the party to a whole new place.

    Individually be able to create your own Custom anouncer, using your favourite lines from each anouncer.
    click me :P

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    Party Starters:

    -Shadow Blade (Shadow Beast) - There's nothing better than that someone that get's everyone on the dancefloor. This experienced partygoer can adapt to any kind of music with his forms!

    -Torturer (Celcius) - Too hot at the party? Feeling forced to buy drinks? Or are you partying outside in your underwear and you realize that certain drinks aren't enough to warm you up? Invite Celcius! He will make sure that everyone at the party feels a ok! Plus his special effects make the ground glow (you're advised to dance when that happens).

    -Silhouette (Sileena) - Party looking too dull? There's always a woman's touch needed when it comes to decorating. The party will look lively in no time! (Don't stand too close to the man-eating plants).

    -Drunken Master (Drunken Wench) - I don't think I need to explain this. Just look at the all the booze!

    Party Stoppers

    -Chronos (Time Lord Chronos) - IT'S TIME AND THIS PARTY STOPS NOW!

    -Berzerker (Gutbuster) - "You've clearly drank too much, here... let me help"

    -Grinex (SlenderX) - Don't go outside alone, or there will be no after party for you

    -Parasite (Facehugger) - You know that really drunk time, when you kissed this really unattractive person? Yeah....
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    Party Crashers
    FaceHugger (Parasite) - Scary, Grotesque, and touchy, Inviting her will surely get rid of any friends you know, and now lost.
    SlenderX (Grinex) - The T.V. reception is going to go away when you invite this party guest.
    GutBuster (Bezerker) - Want to crash a party? Then get fists to fly, and who not better than the Gut buster himself?
    Cenobite Torturer (Torturer) - People perishing painfully? Certainly Clears crowds!
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