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Please disable/nerf Artillery and Flint in Midwars (SD)

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Any time a team has Artillery or Flint, the opposing side always sighs and go "... here we go again."

It's almost always either a one-sided stomp or, rarely, a one-sided stomp from the opponents when they happen to have good counters for the other 4 heroes.

It's mostly SD that has this problem, as they can at least be banned in NM. I'm biased as I mostly play SD... But I'd rather see them nerfed or banned in NM too!

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I don't think many want to see Artillery and Flint outright banned.

And in Banning Pick, they're easy to counter.  It's when they come up in Single Draft it's more of a problem.

The only real solution is to balance MW, either via stats as before or via gold.  But FB don't have resources to dedicate to this.  It would be up to the community to set up a way to do it that would accurate, professional and survive people dropping out of the group etc.

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They are not overpowered, they are annoying though. 

I rarely see people playing them well in lower mmr, especially artillery. It's usually the other team playing in their favour. 

If you are against them a hero with stun should get a pk and focus them every fight. 

Buy stormspirit to counter their ultis and it's great in a lot of other situations.

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