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CPU and GPU underperforming with HoN

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Acer Aspire A315-42G AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 8GB 512GB SSD Radeon 540X Windows 10 Home 15.6" FHD

this is my device's specs, I was wondering what FPS this should yield me? I'm getting 30~ fps max on some of the lowest settings, which makes no sense because as far as I know, these specs are more than enough to yield over 60 fps consistently on medium graphics (which is what I was used to playing with), just replaced my old laptop and I have always been very in love with this game, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that sometimes the issue is with AMD or the fact that my GPU's capabilities to run well on one core are low, I'm willing to provide screenshots or anything else needed for insight. 

Meanwhile, I have been forcing myself to play Dota 2 in the meantime, when I run full hd but with low settings, i get consistent 50+ fps, would HoN be considered more or less demanding than Dota? Because the numbers don't make sense. 

For reference, my computer doesn't overheat instantly when I try to play HoN but gets quite heated when I play Dota, also confirmed through task manager where my CPU and GPU are both running at high frequencies when playing Dota and barely doing anything when I play HoN. 

Would mean the world if you could help ?

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HoN should run fine on that system.
Since I have no experience with recent Windows-versions, I can't provide howtos on how to do stuff in Windows.
However, try to change especially these values inside of HoN and see how it affects your performance:

  • Resolution - if a lower resolution helps a lot, your GPU is probably not running in performance-mode - you have to make it by some Windows/driver options
  • DirectX/OpenGL - generally those affect performance by a lot. It depends on your GPU which is faster, but it won't hurt to toggle it (there is one opengl bug which makes the game darker at some point of the game - aside of that, there's no downside to either option)

If you're willing to invest some time, you can try out Linux and run the Linux version of HoN. That has always ran faster - even if it's no longer officially supported. It's even running in 64bit-mode while Windows only uses 32 bit (for HoN).

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It seems my AMD software can't pick up HoN as a game, and thus I can't force it to use my external gpu, being the better one, the 540X; however, and since I checked up with the task manager for both Dota and HoN it seems the main issue is with both the GPU and the CPU underperforming regardless in HoN while performing well with Dota, I have everything updated and double checked and have tried everything, I've ran HoN in high performance mode but it still gives me very low fps, I've also previously tried switching between OpenGL and DirectX before, OpenGL gives me 20~ FPS, which is around 10-15 lower than the DX gives me, and yes, it does run a little darker as you said. However, for some reason my CPU and GPU are not properly responding to the game and not operating at anything but low capacity, sometimes the GPU does well but the CPU never goes higher than 20% usage (per the task manager), I appreciate your input and if you have any other tips I would appreciate it. Another side question, I have far too many things that I'm used to and am comfortable with using Windows and thus would rather not switch to Linux, my question is: would switching to Linux even change that issue? Would it make my CPU/GPU run at their full/best capacity for HoN?

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I also tried setting the priority for the game as High and messing around with the affinity to certain cores, only using half for example, nothing seemed to work. I tried repair installing but that didn't cut it. So I just uninstalled and am downloading it overnight as it takes a while, I was wondering if you had any other ideas as I am willing to try pretty much anything, if you need screenshots or have any other ideas where I can mess with certain settings I'm also willing to give that a shot, Thanks again for your help ! ?

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11 hours ago, palestine` said:

I can't force it to use my external gpu

There has to be a way. At least Nvidia has one somewhere.

11 hours ago, palestine` said:

the CPU never goes higher than 20% usage

Is that 20% of a single core or 20% of all cores?
Only very few games can work with many games. And HoN really only uses one core completely (and one to assist) from my experience

11 hours ago, palestine` said:

would switching to Linux even change that issue

You would have entirely different drivers, so there's quite a chance that it will. I can't guarantee it of course. But I don't think I've heard a Linux user having performance issues.
I can understand that you don't want to use a different OS because you're used to Windows. For the same reason I stopped installing Windows on a second drive ? .

11 hours ago, palestine` said:

I was wondering if you had any other ideas

Sadly, I don't ?

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I've found a fix that can run it fine enough, for if anyone runs into this issue again in the future. 

Go to power options by right clicking the battery icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. then click "Change Plan Settings", no matter what plan you're using. Next, click "Advanced power settings". From there, you'll find Processor power management. Click it and change both "Minimum processor state" and "Maximum processor state". both "On battery" or "Plugged In" for both to 100%, lower your graphic settings until you reach a suitable FPS to play on. After opening the app, Open your task manager, and go to details, right click "hon.exe", and click "Set priority" to high, I heard putting realtime could cause some serious issues so I don't know if I would recommend using that. And while you're there, turn on UAC Virtualisation for the game, and then you should be done. 

This fix is taking into account:

22 hours ago, Manu311 said:

And HoN really only uses one core completely (and one to assist) from my experience

Thus, when you have that can't properly run HoN (older cpus are better for hon, less cores but higher clock frequency for each).  And you're running on a new but relatively budget-y cpu, then this is the fix that can probably optimize your system for the game. 

Again, thank you to Manu for being helpful ! ?

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6 minutes ago, palestine` said:

older cpus are better for hon, less cores but higher clock frequency for each

Actually modern CPUs work just fine, since they haven't really reduced clock frequencies. The main problem are "power-efficient" notebook cpus, since having less minimum-frequency is really beneficial to battery life.
Sometimes even more expensive cpus have less frequency, but only use a fraction of power. People should keep a better eye on those things if they choose to buy a notebook for gaming ? .

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I have read somewhere that it may be a problem with Windows 10.

I have encountered this same problem while playing in different cyber cafes with varying specs (at least mid-end specs).

Some other people say it is because HoN only runs on one core and it may be too old to be compatible with newer OS and graphic cards.   

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