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Arhh, Need a rugged crew! For all ye plundering and pillaging!

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Looking for a rag tag team to make up 5 so we can compete in the HoNiversary event.

Does anybody have the Bloodtide brigade avatars? And wish to join this ship? the team will need to be.

Dev, Rhapsody, Artesia, Drunken Master and Zeph.

I have Artesia and Rhapsody myself. Looking to play tomorrow, around 2:30 Australian NSW time.

If we play, and win! We can be in the running to win 700g. each.

Add me - Juicepie, and I'll be online around then.


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I... am online now. And will probably be for the next, hr or 2 ...

WHICH I KNow... Makes me a liar. BUT!  ...  

I'm ready to make this work! 😛


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