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Ravenor is one step closer to becoming HoN's Ember Spirit: Here's how

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With his current Ball Lighting (Q), Ravenor can easily engage in a fight and dominate in a short amount of time without having to worry about such damage items in his inventory because of the power of his abilities especially his Ultimate. On the other hand, Ember Spirit almost does the same damage output with his AOE abilities but excels the most in engaging and disengaging even at the farthest range. Will the legendary u/ElementUser allow us to have such masterpiece be introduce to HoN in the form of Ravenor?

I suggest to give it to him in the form of an SotM upgrade through his:

Version 1

Ball Lightning (Q) creates a sub-ability, Flash of Lightning (R) - Creates a sub-ability button to (R) which allows Ravenor to create a static ball or remnant on a desired location which when clicked again will allow him to be the Ball Lightning and travel on that location. This means he is invincible and temporarily be out of the map for a moment 'til he reaches the location in a blink of an eye.
• Flash of Lightning applies +1 instance of Storm Blades to enemies who are passed through and who are nearby.
• Flash of Lightning (R) does not share cooldown with Ball of Lightning (Q)
• It also extends the range up to 1500 units (more or less)
• Its missile speed is increased TWICE.


Version 2

"Flash" Lightning (Q) - boosted - When Ravenor uses Ball Lightning (Q), he becomes the Ball Lightning itself and travels 'til he reaches the desired location. He is invincible and temporarily out of the map during this. However enemies, who are hit by the Flash Lightning (Q) while he is travelling the location, will show Ravenor early like how Ball Lightning usually does.
• Now has 2/2/3/3 charges that has the same cooldown recharge time.
• Extends the range up to 1500 units (more or less)
• Its missile speed is increased TWICE.


Version 3

**Please introduce a Power Overwhelming magic damage bar output on Ravenor in white color so we can visibly know if he possesses too much magic damage bonus when he shows on map or not.**

Power Overwhelming (R) - When Ravenor reaches the maximum amount of magic damage output, he gains special upgrades to all his active abilities at the cost of removing, releasing, and resetting all of his magic charges. Click the ability to use for 3s.

A. Ball Lightning (Q) 
• Now becomes the Ball Lightning itself and travels in the desired location.
• Extends the range up to 1500 units (more or less)
• Its missile speed is increased TWICE.

B. Storm Blades (W)
• Extends the range of affected units to 600+
• Can now bounce to same affected target.

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I like the first version (having separated button for default and boosted ability, of course they share cooldown) combined with the third version (needs to reach maximum charge in order use boosted version) and second version (if the boosted version collides enemy hero, it'll immediately end - same as Benzington's Joust)

If you ask why I propose the combination, it's because the current Q could be used as poking ability without moving Ravenor's position so if the boosted version and default version aren't separated then the boosted version eliminates one of its default function.

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