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Drunken Master's Lunge shenanigans vs immune targets

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I am not sure how far this qualifies as a bug or design "feature" but if Drunken Master casts Lunge on a target that then becomes immune, his Lunge will continue instead of being disjointed or canceld.
This leads to unintentionally hillarious moments vs heroes like Doctor Repulsor, if Dr uses his ultimate to charge somewhere (regardless of the distance!!!!) and Drunken will fly with him to apply Lunge upon Dr's arrival at his target location or running out of Mana.
I am also uncertain whether this is an issue with the ability ignoring disjoints (as I have seen this happen against Valkyrie too but I thought I was mistaken until I now saw it with DR) or brief immunities.
Regardless DM just attaching himself to a DR who is ultieing across potentially the entire map is just a bit too much in my humble oppinion and I did not feel this is quite intended.

However it made me realise how far the ability is still broken from S2 days (mechanically I mean) as, if you think back, it caused a bit of mayhem throughout all the years with some of it's interactions (ignoring Deadwoods Rotten Grasp for example).

Also, slightly offtoppic but on an offchance related, could it be that the ability shares mechanics with Pandamoniums Flick? as that ability frequently caused broken interactions in the past too (reseting opponents that had blinked away among others). Just wondering cause there seem to be so many shared commons between both.

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Posted (edited)

This is technically fine as it is. DM's Lunge would reach its cast point after the disjoint event occurs, not before. To put it another way:


  • Lunge reaches its cast point, DM is in midair, target disjoints. Lunge hits target's location at which the disjoint occurred. This is working fine.
  • Target disjoints & starts moving, then Lunge reaches its cast point. DM follows - this is intended & it's how every other single projectile works.


What you're asking for is some max travel time, which I can maybe implement - but then I'd have to do the same with every other ability (which by the way, they don't have such restrictions either). So I would rather not at the moment. If there's some pressing need for it & a list of every single-targeted leap-to-target ability is provided, then I can implement some kind of max projectile lifetime/travel distance for it, but they'll be somewhat arbitary even if it does occur.


At this moment, it won't be changed.

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