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Most aggressive laner?

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Which hero in your opinion is the most aggressive in lane?
Ideally in a dual lane, support/carry lineup, my goal being to make a short list of heroes to pick from when I really need to keep whoever I'm laning against off my carry so they can farm.

My first thought would be something like Voodoo Jester or Martyr. Strong attack damage, you're strongly discouraged to trade attacks since their abilities have big kill potential, especially VJ.
I've heard arguments made for Slither in the past, but if anyone outranges him and so much as looks at him too sternly, he doesn't get much of a chance to tag people with his passive.

What do you think?

Additionally, I'd personally really like to have different like, custom hero selection filters. More than just a favorites list.
Like, imagine if you could make your own custom tags? If you could create a new list and add heroes to them, you could make lists of your favorite heroes broken down by the roles your team would need.
The mindset of "these are the carries I can do well with, these are the junglers I can play well, these are the hardcore supports, these are the mids, I can only do a few different heroes in the suicide lane" etc etc
Maybe it's just the way I think when I'm trying to flex for the team, but that kind of system would be really helpful to me.

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As a support main and off-time carry. For support. I go voodoo everytime. Like you said it pretty much keeps people under control, that hero is absolute fear to be against and discourages any attempt at trying to try something in the lane, especially if u pair it with a bursty carry, prefer ravenor, gemini. Voodoo alone with any other burst hero that can make cursed ground a threat in its self is alrdy hard to deal with and usually requires the help of a third party to balance out her lane presence. Slither is.. meh, I mean she works.. But  lots of con's, iffy attack animation, short range. Its only good to have her in the enemy carry lane with another cc hero like prisoner if you plan on feeding on the support or carry. Martyr is martyr. In short, if I had to chose a hero who has to be the most aggressive, good animation, long range and absolutely discourages fighting in a lane, go with my bae voodoo.

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Imho it depends on the lane.

Of course Slither can be worked around if you got the range - but he'll still get a hit out, even if you hit him twice. However he's probably more suited as a long-lane harassing hero, since you definitely want that carry to loose hp.
As for short lane again it depends on your carry. You can probably never go wrong with martyr since you can't really be harassed at all - but if they have the power to just kill you, you better have a carry that can help you.
VJ on the other hand has a strong stun, but the curse is weak at low levels - if you don't have a carry with a lot of damage, you won't kill and his harassing potential is just based on his "normal" attack range.
Usually I pick a support to match the carry and enemy team (yeah, I occasionally get flamed because I don't wanna first pick ? ). Even heroes you might not think about at first have potential to dominate a lane with a matching carry. E.g. usually Empath isn't the best choice against a dual lane - but with a Mimix you can basically immobilize heroes that have no blink and easily kill them.

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The most aggressive laner is always me because I'm a gorilla who can only think 1 step ahead.

... That's not what you meant right?

I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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For offlane revenant and blitz are extremely strong early on, especially when they are ganking the enemy jungle/mid they can buy the carry a lot of time to farm early/mid game. Paired with a proper tank you basically cannot lose the lane (Kraken, Elec, Lode or even Prisoner).

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Isn't this answer obvious?

All the early game heroes and a just a few select others.

The question in itself is where the answer is.  You said, most aggressive in lane right?  This would suggest during the "lane phase" which is arguably the first ten minutes of the game.
So whose Strong early? Clearly Early Game Heroes.  What's an early Game Hero? A non item dependent hero.

Such As?

Empath = arguably the strongest level 1 hero in the game.  You really wanna trade hits with an Empath early while being drained?
Arachna = because web shot counts as a spell, and spells do not aggro creeps. Vindi = Same Reason
Voodoo Jester = whats worse than taking damage? Taking damage while cursed.
Any other hero with a spamable low cooldown, low mana cost damage spell.
Chipper, Hell Bringer, Myrm.

Answer the rest yourself, and if you can't. You need to read more.

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I totally agree with Vodoo Jester

Succubus is pretty good too, for the obvious insta heal with true dmg and quite long sleep skill.

I'd also add Plague Rider maybe.. you can just spam Q and harrass the enemy very well. Every Q you use after level 3-4 has a chance to be followed by your W + your carry's skills, so it's kinda frightening. Q already has an OK slow and on top of that if you bind them where they are for a few seconds, there is a chance of kill.

If you have a carry which is not too dependant on farm (like Ravenor, Swiftblade, Corrupted, Calamity, Gemini.. basically any hero that deals good skill dmg - unlike TDL, Scout, magebane without any skill/brust dmg) then Polly is scary too. His Morph has a decent range and you can follow up by the tongue, or if you are against a double lane can use them on each while your carry/ganker gets to work. 

Rhapsody is not too intimidating alone but she is sustainable and his stun can be useful in ganks and harrassing, especially against heroes which have high cast time skills, as you can keep interrupting them or use it to maintain the safe distance

Engineer still does good if you play well with him.

Bombardier can be useful if you manage to play safe, good dmg in mid-late game too.


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