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Category flag next to player's name in-game

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Hello friends, i've a suggestion to make! I think we can all agree that there's an huge difference between players placed in the same rank and ending up in the same team. Right!?? What about if we implement a system where the player can choose in the begging of the match if he is:

"skilled/ very active"

"casual but experienced"

"beginner/ I could use some advice"

"i'm here to be coached/  please guide me"


And then in-game we would have a color symbol next to each player name (only visible for his team) that would indicate for the rest of us what we can expect from a certain person... I believe this would somehow make people less susceptible to rage with each other and promote teamwork and cooperation between the team.


Let me know what u think of this and what else do you need to make it happen. I'm a graphic designer so i can provide the symbols for each category.



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