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1.) Staff boost on
SHARD BLAST (Q) proposal

Version 1 - Removes cooldown. Catching Shard Blast (Q) grants full mana recovery while reducing its mana cost to 33% max mana which means 3 shard blasts can be casted simultaneously.

Version 2. Same cooldown. Shard Blast now creates 2 Ember Shards to be catched upon hitting an enemy. Two Ember Shards means a very much faster mana regeneration.

Version 3. Same cooldown. Upon creating or catching an Ember Shard, Adrenaline gains a 1s cooldown reduction on his ultimate. If ultimate is off cooldown, each ember shard created or catched grants a stackable +10 movement speed or +10 attack speed buff for 3s.


2.) Staff boost on
Ember Shards (E) proposal

Version 1. For 25% max mana cost, spawns 1 Ember Shard on your position. Max of 4 summoned ember shards at a time.

Version 2. The Ember Shard illusion can now be consumed when passed through, regaining only 17.5% of mana used (instead of 35% when catched). I have a feeling e'rbody will choose this version of upgrade more than anything else.


3.) Staff upgrade on Death's Halo (R)

Version 1. Finishing/Killing an enemy hero by the use of Death's Halo will reduce its cooldown by 20-25%. Mana cost is now 25%.

Version 2. After casting Death's Halo, Adrenaline and Ember Shards illusions will stay on their place, maintaining the formation (even after the stun!) and trapping the target inside for 5s. During this, unless the 6 Ember Shards surrounding the target are destroyed or only when he decides to move by himself, Adrenaline will not be revealed on his real position. The Ember Shards will continue attacking minimally tho. Cooldown greatly reduced to 20s.

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I like these proposed suggestion, seems better than your previous suggestion. Though, you should elaborate your ideas more, such as:

  • The alternative game play Adrenaline gets by purchasing the staff,
  • The advantage of the staff than any usual item Adrenaline purchasing,
  • Etc.

By elaborating your ideas more, some could figure out if the suggestion hit or miss from intended purpose.

In the end, keep posting so you will get better at proposing your ideas.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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