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Service Outage Update

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Hi all, regarding the short service outage from HoN:

It seems like services outside of HoN were affected at around the same time as well & not just a coincidence. Examples:

- Steam: https://downdetector.ca/status/steam/map/
- Path of Exile: https://downdetector.com/status/path-of-exile/
- General downtime for services: https://downdetector.com/


In any case, it seems that HoN came back up around the time when other services in the world started to come back up again. I can log into the game just fine now. We'll continue monitoring the situation, of course.


Thanks again for your patience!



EDIT: it's an IBM outage: https://techcrunch.com/2020/06/09/ibm-cloud-suffers-prolonged-outage/

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@ElementUser there are quite a few matches that are not registering lately, could you please have a look at it?

This is an example of 2 match ids that have not registered (and no stats/coin rewards given) in the past few days: 159247945 and 159267802

It is actually happening quite often for me, there are like 4-5 matches in total but i forgot to write down the rest of the ids.

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