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1.) Spiked Bola - Upon disarming the enemy for 2.5s, pushes you and the target away from each other. Gains 3 swift attacks with 300% attack speed for the duration. The reason is to promote the item which lacks in usage. Moreover, the enemy being targeted by Spiked Bola must be pushed back and properly distanced, eh?

2.) Spellshards - Toggle to change the bonus spell damage to heroes. 10/15/20%. Make the item a tier 1 item because of this with the cost of not more than 5000 gold.

3.) Wind Whistle - Can now be consumed every 30 mins passed. Can only be consumed TWICE. This will give solution to the problem of wanting more items in your inventory on late game at the cost of losing a little amount of movement speed. Like wanting Riftshards and Savage Mace at the same time. May also promote a faster gameplay.

4.) Bloodbourne Maul - QoL change - Toggle to double the rate of health to damage exchange at the cost of having a +20% damage taken while active. 

5.) Brutalizer - Upgrade - "Terrorizer" - tier 1 item - Brutalizer is being overlooked in today's meta. Everybody goes with farming items but not with this poor item. Reason? Simply because bash proc is not guaranteed every time and it doesn't provide a decent health stats (i would rather buy Helm of the Legionnaire). Besides, the item doesn't have any upgrade at all, nor a team buff.

Suggestion: an Upgrade with an active effect of allowing to target an enemy to inflict fear to it for 1.5s while also marking it with Terrorizer debuff. This enemy will receive a +25% bash chance from you for 3s which extends by 1s for each hit coming from you. CD is 25s.

6.) Darkbrand = Toxin Claws (270) + Punchdagger (500) + Broadsword (1200) + Recipe = 2200gold

 - Item effect -
Every attack grants a charge that for each charge grants 0.5% true damage per second for 2s from the attacker. Stacks up to 10-20 charges. Reveals the target.

Item Goal: This kinda similar to Bushwack's but its intention is very similar to the old Lightbrand and Dawnbringer which had this effect. I loved that. I missed that. That item could weaken every cell of every tank coming your way, slowly destroying their soul while being slowed to death from afar. Please make a comeback for that item.

Firebrand + Icebrand + Darkbrand = Deathbringer.

But never the 4 of them.

7.) Energizer + Madfred Brass Knuckles = Tier 1 item. This item both gives bonus movement speed so it will be fine if they are combined. Item upgraded passive effect : Increases the Movement Speed Barrier from 522 to 600. Activation effect extended to 700 initial built-down movement speed.

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Posted (edited)

These are suggestions and are not suitable for this subforum. 


Also, Darkbrand is adrenaline, which everyone hates. I can't discuss stuff seriously with you if you're going to put in broken items into the game. 

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