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Why Customer Support Manager dont help

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My son bought gold coins without authorization, upon learning that I asked for a refund. But it has been more than 3 days since they did not return my money, there is always an excuse about it.


I have already contacted garena support but they tell me that I have not made any purchase. And those from hon support do nothing about it.

I ask for reimbursement because in addition to my son buying without authorization, I no longer have a job, I have been fired due to the economic problems the world is going through. That money is to be able to buy some food.

Please I need help.

I don't know where else to go




I am from Ecuador, and if it is NAEU, I have already contacted them but they recommended that my complaint be made in garena singapour. But those of garena cannot give me a solution to the refund. And those from NAEU help tell me to go talk to those from Garena Singapore. I DO NOT GET IT

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The forums are probably also not the correct place to get this kind of help. Customer support would be the correct place to address this.

Besides that you are basically responsible for whats happening on your account. If you share your account credentials and bank/credit card/paypal info with your son the mistake might not be on HoN's side.. Imagine if everybody would get bored of certain purchases claiming the brother/son/whoever did the purchase wasn't authorized..

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3 hours ago, aseemdoom said:

How is he being racist? 

Welcome to the world of an oppressed ethnic minority as taught by the western left

Notes to take away:
- be LOUD, type in highlighted text and with a giant font
- scream RACISM even if it is unwarranted always warranted - disagreement in any shape of form is the most vile form of racism and a sign of an oppressive western hegemony after all
- blame everything and everyone else for your lack of foresight and poor decision-making, the last thing you want is to be held responsible for your own actions

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Hi there,

Since you went public with your case I will take the liberty to tell the story from our point of view:

1) You contacted us complaining you didn't receive the full amount of gold coins purchased, that you didn't get to "claim" the extra gold coins. I carefully explained that you had already received them. The "extras" are already a part of the full amount as explained in the picture below:


This text will be even more highlighted in the next patch.

2) You then ask us for a refund, claiming it wasn't you who made the purchase.
I then explained, since Garena owns HoN we do not have the control over finance, or are able to issue refunds, and thus I recommended you to talk to them.
I still attempted a manual refund, but it ended up failing.


That being said, since Garena was unable process your request, you could always go to your bank, and tell them your son used your credit card without permission, and you need to get the money back.

Frostburn Studios are by no means thieves or scammers, and we have done everything in our power to help & assist you, with the best intentions at heart.
You then decide to call us out in public, claiming we are racists and don't do anything to help you.

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