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Game loading crashed and Hon.exe disappeared

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Can anyone help please, I was entering a game after found a match, then suddenly game crushed and Hon.exe disappeared from the whole computer. Tried to uninstall and reinstall many times, still not working.

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Apologies if this is a thread elsewhere.

As I went to download the latest patch two days ago the game crashed, then disappeared from my PC. The shortcut for it leads to nowhere, and the HoN file doesn't have the game in it. 

I went for a reinstall, but it keeps telling me mid download that it can't find an internet connection. 

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Following, for this has happend to me for the 2nd time last week.

I did not crash. Just played a few games, then when I turned on the computer the shortcut does not work anymore and hon.exe is nowhere to be found.

Reinstalled the game and the problem was gone, but now it happend again. Total clueless...

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Same here, on Win 10.

Reinstalled, but there is still no hon.exe.

My anti virus is avast. It does not tell me it had any pb with hon.exe

Any more hint would be much appreciated !


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I've merge these two threads since they look like the same problem (hon will obviously crash if the exe-file gets deleted).

My assumption would be that (as already suggested) Antivirus-Software is the reason for this. It might help if everyone affected writes his installed antivirus-software (ideally with version of database, if there is something like that) in this thread.

To fix the issue yourself, try to simply disable your Antivirus-Software.

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