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Make the Disconnect % Seasonwise, not overall

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Yeah, at the moment it's pretty stupid that the 5% DC Threshold is bounded to all your matches. You can literally DC for free in CoN and don't get banned or anything, because literally every account has 1000+ from old MMR Matches. Imo the Leaver% should count for every Season individually. So when you literally break the 5% for a Season, you are not allowed to play CoN until you get it under 5% again, so you are forced to play some Midwars matches without leaving to bring it down.

So literally when a new Season Starts and i DC 10 Times in 100 Matches, i have to play 100 Matches of Midwars to get it down to 5% again. When the new Season starts, this will reset. So you start at 0 Leaver % and 0 Matches again. Both Midwars and CoN should add to your Leaver% Amount now, until another new season starts.

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You'd be wiping higher Leavers' status.

There are surely algorithms to deal with this.  One I just thought of:
Every 25 games, adjust the Long term Leave rate.  The new Long term Leave rate is based 90% on the previous Long term Leave rate and  10% on the recent 25 game Leave rate ie (historical * 9 + recent)/10.

Over 250 games, you'll have a completely new Leave rate based on those 250 games.

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