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On 8/23/2020 at 12:08 AM, ElementUser said:

I'm going to leave that in the OP & leave this thread here

now "hard login" issue back. i need spam ctrl f8 login until 6-8 times not like before only 1-2 times. 

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I've reached out to them earlier this morning & will update if there are any changes.   Please keep posting here, ty for letting me know!

This should be fixed now, thanks for your report! 

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5 hours ago, jocky24 said:

Since 15/09/2020 I need to Ctrl+F8 to login


Yesterday 17/09/2020 i get the issue "failed connect to chat server 5/5" on Garena SEA is it only me or everyone get this issue too ?

You're not the only one. When that happens Ctrl + F8 login again.

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Hello!?!?!? I cant play a game, cant believe no one answering on this. ctrl + f8 doesnt work, I cant log in my account. This shitt has to be fixed what the hell? Im fine with bugs on map and every little thing that is going on in games, but this?!?! To cant even log in ??? Camon...

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Are someone gona answer this? I kinda geting sick of this damn game, now I cant log in and no one gona do anything about it? Not be able to log in is so beyond bad that i cant really explain it with words. We have bunch of problem's with this game, from griefing people to game bugs, but not being able to even log in is beyond everything. its just disgusting. Players who play game every day cant even log in.. Just what the hell is this?

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7 hours ago, mariokuat said:

come'on that type of attitude manage and maintain game kind of low. Why garena work ethic so low? Hire programmer and debug man. I will donate  2k usd if u want to fix it.

Lol. This is forum actually for hon international. If u talk like that u need chat to garena hon thailand. They manage hon sea not staff in here. But i dont know why garena still follow update patch from hon inter since garena was drop hon game in their list game garena

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