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Game replay failing to upload

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Me and some friends played in an epic game where we came back from an unthinkable situation, so naturally after we finished the game, we immediately wanted to watch back the replay and discuss it on discord for fun.
I think this may have been what caused the issue,  3 of us tried to click the upload button at a similar time when it first came up. But it just sat there saying "uploading" and then eventually "failure".

Since that time, no matter how many log-ins or fresh starts of hon ive tried, nearly every day I've tried to get it to upload, including right after the new patch that just came online.

It usually hangs there saying "uploading" and then after a while "queued" and finally "failure"

Are there any GM's or such, that have the ability to manually upload a replay and bypass this system for me?

Match ID - #159086064 - in case anyone has the ability to do anything, I and the others would greatly appreciate if this could be done!

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