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Please disregard errors as I used google translation!



In my opinion, the distribution of gold for deaths used in all moba games only causes problems with the relationship between the team and the choice of heroes (carry, tank, support). Making most players focus on selecting repeated carrys on the team to get more kills. So getting rid of the other categories because of the reward for each death. For this reason, almost nobody wants to select a support hero or a tank hero.
And it still has some of the worst things in the game, it is when the player is always behind, keeping all the skills to only use them when he is sure he will be able to kill and guarantee more gold and death status.
Well, for me, the correct thing would be to reconstruct the reward calculation based on the amount of percentage of damage that the hero did to the enemy plus the amount of life healed by the allies by the hero (so as not to disenfranchise the supports).

Exemplifying the calculations:

Situation 1 (no life cure):

Enemy: 1000 Life

Hero 1 caused 550 damage
Hero 2 caused  200 damage
Hero 3 caused  250 damage

So the reward distribution would be:
Hero 1: 550 (damage done) / 1000 (enemy's health) * 100 = 55% of gold
Hero 2: 200 (damage done) / 1000 (enemy's health) * 100 = 20% of gold
Hero 3: 250 (damage done) / 1000 (enemy's health) * 100 = 25% of gold


Situation 2 (with life cure):

Enemy: 1000 Life

Hero 1: caused 550 damage
Hero 2: caused 200 damage and heals 300 allies
Hero 3: caused 250 damage and heals 100 allies
Note: the amount that the hero heals from himself would not be included in the calculation

So the reward distribution would be different because of the healing aid!

We would then have to use the enemy's health amount + total allies' healing amount for the calculation, getting 1000 (enemy's health) + 300 (healing from one hero's allies) + 100 (healing from the other hero's allies) ) totaling 1400 for the calculation. So to calculate the percentage of reward with healing we use the damage he caused to the hero plus the amount of life he healed from the allies for the calculation, with Hero 2 getting 500 in total and Hero 3 getting 350 in total:

Hero 1: (550 (damage done) + 0 (heals him to allies)) / (1000 (enemy health) + 400 (total healing from all allies)) * 100 = 39.28% of gold
Hero 2: (200 (damage done) + 300 (healing him to allies)) / (1000 (enemy health) + 400 (total healing from all allies)) * 100 = 35.72% of gold
Hero 3: (250 (damage dealt) + 100 (healing him to allies)) / (1000 (enemy health) + 400 (total healing from all allies)) * 100 = 25% of gold


This method of calculating the reward, in my view, would be the solution to many problems in the game, of friction between players, and a more balanced distribution in the selection of hero classes, where a support and a tank would be as targeted as the carrys.
Without forgetting that the death status would go to the hero who had the highest percentage of reward, thus no longer keeping players guarding skills and waiting to deliver the final blow and take the death status! (Ending the fomented KS).


I await a position from the moderators!


Graciously, Leandro César Gomes



Ao meu pensar, a distribuição de ouro por mortes usadas em todos os jogos moba somente causam problemas de relacionamento no time e na escolha de heróis (carry, tank, support). Fazendo com que a maioria dos jogadores foque selecionar carrys repetidos no time para conseguirem mais mortes. Assim se desfazendo das outras categorias por causa da recompensa de cada mortes. Por este motivo, quase ninguém quer selecionar um herói suporte ou um herói tanque.
E ainda tem umas das piores coisas no jogo, é quando o jogador fica sempre atrás, guardando todas as habilidades para somente usá-las quando ele tem certeza que irá conseguir matar e garantir mais ouro e status da morte.
Bom, para mim, o correto seria reconstruir o cálculo de recompensa baseando na quantidade de porcentagem de dano que o herói causou ao inimigo mais a quantidade de vida curada dos aliados pelo herói (para não desprivilegiar os suportes).

Exemplificando os cálculos:

Situação 1 (sem cura de vida):

Inimigo: 1000 vida

Herói 1 causou 550 dano
Herói 2 causou 200 dano
Heroi 3 causou 250 dano

Assim sendo a distribuição de recompensa seria:
Herói 1: 550 (dano causado) / 1000 (vida do inimigo) * 100 = 55% do ouro
Herói 2: 200 (dano causado) / 1000 (vida do inimigo) * 100 = 20% do ouro
Herói 3: 250 (dano causado) / 1000 (vida do inimigo) * 100 = 25% do ouro


Situação 2 (com cura de vida):


Inimigo: 1000 vida


Herói 1: causou 550 dano

Herói 2: causou 200 dano e curou total de 300 seus aliados

Heroi 3: causou 250 dano e curou total de 100 seus aliados

Observação: a quantidade que o herói cura de si mesmo não entraria no cálculo


Assim sendo a distribuição de recompensa seria diferente por causa da ajuda de cura!


Teríamos então que usar a quantidade de vida do inimigo + quantidade de cura total dos aliados para o cálculo, ficando 1000 (vida do inimigo) + 300 (cura de dos aliados de um dos heróis) + 100 (de cura dos aliados do outro herói) totalizando 1400 para o cálculo. Assim para calcular a porcentagem de recompensa com cura usamos o dano que ele causou ao herói mais a quantidade de vida que ele curou dos aliados para o cálculo, ficando o herói 2 com 500 no total e o herói 3 com 350 no total:

Herói 1: (550 (dano causado) + 0 (cura dele aos aliados)) / (1000 (vida inimigo) + 400 (cura total de todos aliados)) * 100 = 39,28% do ouro

Herói 2: (200 (dano causado) + 300 (cura dele aos aliados)) / (1000 (vida inimigo) + 400 (cura total de todos aliados)) * 100 = 35,72% do ouro

Herói 3: (250 (dano causado) + 100 (cura dele aos aliados)) / (1000 (vida inimigo) + 400 (cura total de todos aliados)) * 100 = 25% do ouro


Este método de cálculo de recompensa ao meu ver, seria a solução para muitos problemas no jogo, de atritos entre os jogadores, e distribuição mais equilibrada na seleção de classe de heróis, onde um suporte e um tank seriam tão visados quanto os carrys.

Sem esquecer que o status da morte iria para o herói que teve a maior porcentagem de recompensa, assim não ficando mais jogadores guardando habilidades e esperando para dar o ultimo golpe e levar o status de morte! (Acabando com o fomoso KS).


Aguardo uma posição dos moderadores!


Atenciosamente, Leandro César Gomes

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Leandro César Gomes

Computer Scientist

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Don't you think it is correct for the gold distribution to be based on the percentage of damage the hero did to aid in the enemy's death instead of the last hit?

Leandro César Gomes

Computer Scientist

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A support can do 0 damage and be the reason why the fight ended up being successful.

In 1 example, let's say you're a Witch Slayer, and you blinked in with Portal Key & used W to instantly disable a key target. The rest of your team jumps in and takes care of the rest when all the enemies used their nukes on you.

Even simpler, you could be baiting an enemy & then your team wins the teamfight because all you did was stand there. You didn't have to do anything else, regardless of whether you live or die.

Another example is that enemies are typically enticed to kill a low HP hero. If you're a hero with lots of survivability, you can bait the enemy into trying to kill you and use your tools to evade death & give your team an extra kill where they wouldn't have gotten one otherwise.


Using damage, healing & CC to calculate rough proportions of a contribution to a kill is not something that works in HoN. There are too many intangible factors that contribute to a kill & to winning the game in general.

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Unfortunately that is why the game is dying and all users are switching to other moba! For example, LoL already defines class before starting a group, in HON it becomes a fight and everyone wants to choose carry, sometimes we have matches with 5 carrys! And the reason is simple, everyone wants heroes who can kill more because of the reward for buying items. So in my view, this system used from the last hit is totally flawed, only causing fights in the team (see, one thing is that you play in a closed team and that's what you are exemplifying up there, another thing is that you play with all the random players where there is no total harmony between the team and everyone wants to carry or leave the ability to finish the enemy, so who wants to play with a tank that stays there getting beaten up, most of the time, while carry takes death and most of the gold? Who wants to play with a support that most of the time only dies to save the team and is the one with less gold return? Today unfortunately, the game is all about taking carry, staying back in the TF waiting for tank and support to kill themselves taking the lives of enemies and then the carry uses the skills to kill only to get the gold and is positive in the KD (most players who play together act like this!), then he leaves later of one or two KILLS, and you don't even care to partners to help them in TF, his goal is just to stay positive and get KILL at the end of TF.
HON is dying more and more and that is one of the reasons!
I believe that with this calculation mechanism will return many players who have migrated to other MOBA, where all players complain about players who are only hunting KILL and saving their skills for this!

Leandro César Gomes

Computer Scientist

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This won't be implemented & I already explained why.


As soon as you start to express that your opinions are fact & that it's the reason why HoN is "dying", that's when there's no point in discussing any further.

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