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HON + Linux Mint 19.3 + AMD video card

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hello guys!

one week ago i changed my videocard. i had asus geforce 1050Ti 4Gb, now i have Asus Strix RX570 4Gb.

Earlier in the settings of the Nvidia panel, I could remove the FPS restriction. Now I do not have settings like in Windows (Radeon Control Panel), and my FPS are limited to 60 frames.

What should i do?

I have windows 10 at my second ssd and i have about 100 FPS at Direcx9.

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your "problem" is called vsync. I have no idea how you disable that for AMD and I usually enable it rather than disable it.
I don't believe that having below 50ms additional delay (if you just reach 20 fps) is really hurting your performance at all.

Either way, you can probably try to run HoN with __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 or simply use google to figure out how to disable vsync.

In case your mint is running wayland (I don't think that's default for anything other than fedora right now), you can't disable vsync - but HoN doesn't run natively on wayland, so I doubt it ?

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