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****** Fatal Error: Couldn't load vid_gl2 ****** [LINUX-FEDORA]

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I get the error in the title on my linux machine. 


 Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620  with Intel Core  i5-8250U CPU H and fedora. Willing to provide any more information necessary, just have no idea what would be needed.

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Hey there,

lately I've been creating an AppImage for HoN on Linux, so you shouldn't get these kind of issues. So if you want the easy way out (which hopefully works), go download my AppImage from the following thread


About your issue, I've encountered this issue a couple of times, and it usually was related to issues with the files vid_gl2-x86_64.so in the hon-directory. That requires a bunch of libraries on your system. Sadly the information it prints out isn't always useful.
You could try the following command on that file and find any "not found" lines in it's output:

ldd vid_gl2-x86_64.so


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