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Bushwack staff effect /Reveal -Sight

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This is mentioned already  in my reply in the discussion thread at the patch notes topic ,but i took the liberty to post it also here, so please take a moment to consider and to wrap some thoughts around this:

->First off all you are never buying staff on Bushwack, expect if you are stomping the game. So you have to get it from someone in your team.
-> Most teams will have another `valued` staff effect in their roster, so giving staff effect to Bush is not always an option. 

My proposal:      Instead of removing the Reveal / Sight mechanic completely , it could be implemented on the hero`s staff effect

The mechanic is there for so long, its not that is a case of OP that people were going rampant over it. 

Automatically that will make Bush a good contestant of receiving the Master's legacy from someone. ( Consider that legacy is a late game item, so at that time the owner can decide if it is worth on Bushwack, i.e opponents have  bought Shrouds /or just have  Invisible heroes).


*Generally Im never playing Bushwack nowadays, I did played the hero many times though, but he aint my gamestyle hero.*
* I believe  what i suggested could be good, as it will give the hero a worth to get staff effect ( maybe not worthy of spending 4200 to buy it, but to be given from another hero) and contesting other good staff effects in the team.*
*Imho this could be a safer route of nerfing the hero* ( same thing was applied to Puppet master with his ultimate damage nerf,and Dr Repulsor`s ultimate nerf, ofc not the same cases as their staff effects are useless to get imo but still had to mentioned it, as i had to put out all the details and info i could ^^)


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Late game Staff on Bush is really strong. 

However - this (since removal of invis det.) Might make it pickupable earlier.

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