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Tier 3 Boots: Talaria

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Post Haste:    2500
Snake Bracelet:    1100
Wind Whistle:    200
Total Cost:    3800

120 movement speed
25% evasion

Out of Combat:    
45 movement speed, 2 health regeneration
Mana Cost: 50    
Cooldown: 60    
After channeling, teleports self to friendly tower, structure, or hero.  Evasion is increased to 50% while channeling.  Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds if teleporting to Well or Tar Pit.

(Note: The teleport speed burst and out of combat mechanic is identical to Post Haste, except what is explicitly listed above.)

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I like this suggestion because evasion currently feels only available for Agility hero. Not sure if non-agility hero would buy current evasion item over armor or void talisman as EHP provider to physical damage, this suggestion though offers non-Agility hero an option to have the evasion when (s)he already bought Post Haste. 

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Wanna waste the time reading wall of text? Head the link below:


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