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This is why this game is almost dead...

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"Not corroborated - This ticket was a single ticket against an individual in a single match."

When we report a player feeding on purpose, the adminstration dont even care, so more and more toxic players get confortable doing their shit. I've been playing this game for 11 years now, even payed for it at the time, it is a shame that is abandoned like this. Love this game, but only the flies lies on it.

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I came across this a few times recently myself, and i have to agree that is kinda frustrating.I guess sometimes GMs dont bother checking single tickets.
The only reasons i could think of were:
 1) The offender has a good slate,hence a single ticket for him instead of 2- 3 people , means u were the only one having problem with him, meaning most probably that could be a `mad` report from one player.

 2) You reported again in the past and was a false report
 3) They are bored to check it as it is a single ticket
 4) They actually know the offender

My personal suggestion is to contact a SGM , reporting the case and simultaneously requesting a check on why the GM responsible for that ticket ignored it. ( provided that the person u reported indeed violated the rules)

* also can u describe how exactly was he feeding ? (i love the stories ?‍?)

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This was discussed over and over again, you have a sticky thread telling about it and why, you also have similar threads opened by other players that are already answered 


Please do read before creating a thread! Further threads regarding the “not corroborated” shall be closed from now on.

Have a good day,

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