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10 Years of Memories

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Hello Newerth! Some may know me, some might not, I go by Hubaris on the forums and ingame and I have been playing HoN for a long time; and I recently reinstalled and have become truly active again ingame and on the forums. It's amazing to see 10 years of this game, a game that I still hold in my heart as being one of the best in its genre, a masterclass in game flow, design and aesthetic. I was thinking about HoN's 10th anniversary but I am not one to make videos, I'm a man of the written word and I just wanted to share some memories of a game that I still love. I was debating doing this in Off Topic or here, but considering its half vanity project, half fanboying, I figured GD is the best place to catch the pulse of the people.

  • I remember buying the game for 30 USD, and being blown away by seeing my favourite heroes from DotA reimagined.
  • I remember playing the newest hero, Pandamonium and laughing at all the terrible puns.
  • I remember Turrent and his pet Engineer, blowing people up in the forests, hills, fountains, literally everywhere.
  • I remember Rampage and his teleporting charge, his magic immunity and the rage he caused.
  • I remember first pick Scout, READY and the groans that followed.
  • I remember using Kraken Ultimate to rip entire teams across the map and watching people ragequit.
  • I remember public rooms and matches and people cobbling together All Mids before it was its own game mode.
  • I remember when Matchmaking basically didn't work and those very same public rooms and your PSR determined your place on the totem pole.
  • I remember when Matchmaking finally did start working and people refusing to let go of PSR.
  • I remember building heroes on the forums, inspired by all the stuff in the game.
  • I remember when the first alternate skins came out and the outcry of people.
  • I remember gold and silver being added and the game taking the turn toward F2P.
  • I remember the Leprechaun Blacksmith debacle.
  • I remember 3v3 Grimm's Crossing, one of the best gamemodes when you couldn't fill your 5 Stack.
  • I remember when they reworked Gladiator's voice from his old over the top FRAAAAAAAAWSSST and being sad at it.
  • I remember the height of the Tanky Meta and how it dominated the competitive scene for so long.
  • I remember the memes, 'Stay By Tower', 'Codex Level 5', 'Good to Know How Highly Your Own Character', classics.
  • I remember the rush of a new hero every 2 weeks, and I also remember the burnout.
  • I remember the weird interview with Paula Garcia about Aluna.
  • I remember the ill-fated Gunblade trailer and the pain that followed.
  • I remember DOTA2 getting its first glimpses and the fire in the Balance Group about it.
  • I remember Legionnaire's charge being bugged and doing 300-600% damage.
  • I remember Puppetmaster literally deleting heroes from the game.
  • I remember the jokes about Armadon always breaking in each patch... somehow!
  • I remember playing a lot of Forum Mafia in Off-Topic.
  • I remember running events where the community would try to build a Hero together.
  • I remember the 16-Bit HoN mode (does it still exist?) and all the visual pain it puts on one's eyes.
  • I remember Silhouette and her dominance in the hands of a certain comp. player.
  • I remember the fiercely loyal fans of HoN.
  • I remember them switching Artillery's EA and regular skin due to the fan outcry of the game's flavour.
  • I remember Gemini having a button on D that just gave him +30 to all stats (oops)!
  • I remember Strife...
  • I remember bugtesting with EU.
  • I remember building heroes and having fierce discussions with wza and Co.
  • I remember spending a LOT of gold on Plinko to get the Cthulhuphant avatar that I wanted so bad.
  • I remember secretly working on a casual OMG/WTF Mode using a bootleg client (sorry EU)!
  • I remember the reworks, the heroes and the items we worked so hard on.
  • I remember being HoNored and the numerous forum awards.

But I don't remember why I left for those few years... All I remember is why I stayed and why I came back.

Maybe this is a vanity post, it most likely is, but I'm happy to see the team here giving this game the respect and dignity it deserves in its later years. I'm sure they remember more than I do, I'm sure you remember different things as well; I want to see what you remember, I want to see what you know! I want this to be a great 10th anniversary and I want this to be a testament to all of the wild stories and memories about this crazy, crazy game.

Here's to 10 Years you old, stubborn dog, and here's to however many more!

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I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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I remember Scout dying in every single new hero Trailer too.

Poor guy never caught a break!

I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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1 hour ago, ElementUser said:

I remember Idejder changing Moonmeander's Sand Wraith to Pollywog Priest


Gimme admin-account on retail and I can do that ? (I also remember that - that was hilarious to watch ? )

I remember towers being "stunned away" by rampage.

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I remember MSI crushing everyone in the early days of HoN tournaments

I remember MoonMeander entertaining a lot of people almost every day on stream

I remember Honcast and all of the awesome casters (shoutout to BreakyCPK)

I remember Tralfamadore running into every Tempest ultimate during tournaments

I remember Trixi and his dominating Slither plays

I remember the Legionnaire Charge bug (and the pain that followed with it)

I remember the Gemini stats boost bug (also lots of pain)

I remember AngryTestie and his ways of entertaining people while dominating public games on stream

I remember buying the Early Access heroes (and the avatars) when that was a thing

I remember Smyger's HoN Digest and Scumbag Network

I remember the songs from Kattenmatte and Nerdboy715


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I remember my first time playing Chronos and trapping my friends in my ulty and all of them screaming at me ^^

I remember being poor as a support ,and gettin stressed over last hits at pull camp

I remember a Draconis flying like an emperor on his volcano and blasting everyone apart

I remember buying merricks bounty and going suicide and getting rich

I remember playing mid and always checking top rune as it was closer( if we had no wards)

I remember all the fights around Kongor

I remember DeadEYE Bounty leagues, ,Time2win, HTS, The onslaught,Dreamhack, Hon Tour finals (hype) and of course the epic match Team breacky vs Team Wza

I remember not having extra slots for Home coming stones

I remember watching Pankpung playing Silh and getting duzzled by the plays

I remember waking up and watching Zlapped`s stream

I remember the first time i saw mr Angrytestie`s videos, and laughed my ass off

I remember watching the educationals from Zlapped, but the best ones where from Khezu

I remember the first annihilation i did( default announcer), unique feeling

I remember the SG dominance

I remember Love playing on high ping(he was in china? or something like that? )

I remember the best caster ever BREACKY ❤️ , but at what cost?


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36 minutes ago, Sliferjam said:


Please, less than a week and I want all your honiverstory's!


Oh ?

You're tearing me apart Silfer!

I had to get it off my chest, but give it a lock because I'll be here waiting for the 2nd.

I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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