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Make it happen.


First Blood: "Welcome to Heroes of Newerth"
Double Kill: "Low priority!"
Triple Kill: "Irrelevant!"
Quad Kill: "Depreciated feature!"
Annihilation: "NEKO SMILE EMOTICON!"
3x Kill Streak: "It's called consistency."
4x Streak: "Poor design."
5x Streak: "Imbalanced"
6x Streak: "Snowballing out of control"
7x Streak: "Intentional feature"
8x Streak: "This isn't the suggestion forum."
9x Streak: "Impossible to balance."
10x Streak: "Unlikely to be addressed"
Immortal: "Likely to get nerfed next patch."
Your structure is under attack: "I will look into that."
Structure Denied: "Suggestion denied."
Victory:  "Thanks for playing!"
Defeat:  "Maybe next patch."
Smackdown: "Unnecessary overhead."
Humiliation: "Sounds like a local issue."
Rage Quit: "Please contact customer service"
Payback: "I prefer paypal."
Massacre: "Historical data doesn't lie."
Nemesis: "It's complicated."
Retribution: "Not to my liking."
Kongor Slain: "High risk, low reward."

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