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10 years of HON and still discovering new metas

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I have been playing HON since just before the game went F2P and have around 4000 games on my main (and a couple thousands on other accounts). I recently returned to Newerth mainly because the current COVID situation forced me  (allowed me) to log out of real life. 

There were a couple of new heroes and for a while I didnt try any of them. But then eventually a bad timed bathroom break lead to me randoming Goldenveil.  The first game I was just sitting in the treetops, confused. 25 games later Im 20-5 and all I wanna do is play Goldenveil. Ive been playing carries, initiators, suicides, endless dual manup lanes, I thought I knew which heroes fit my playstyle, I thought I knew what fun was, but that was before I discovered this ninja. Coupled with your changes to Grave Locket, Goldenveil has renewed the game for me completely! 

What an amazingly fun hero. Credit where credit is due. Goldenveil is the most fun Ive had since you released first generation Deadlift (luckily you changed him before he broke the game). 

Thank you so much for 10 years of addiction <3  


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