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Mid Wars only Graphic Issues

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     I dont even know when it started but apparently I cant play Midwars cause every time I join a game and I am in the River Area at some point

the screen freezes and all the units are shaking. I can hear the game sound continuing but the shaking picture will stay the same. Have to restart HoN to reconnect

to the game just to wait a few minutes for it to happen again (Always when my camera is around river area).

I play ranked/FoC all the time and I never have that bug/crash. Only in Midwars (also when I spectate people). I got no mods installed. Windows 7, ATI Radeon HD5800 Series, Asus Board and Intel Core i7 920.


I have reinstalled  the client at some point. Problem stayed the same. Anyone any ideas what the issue might be?

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Hey thank you for your answer. So I played another match and recorded it. Fun Fact: On The Screen Recording you cant see the shaking of the screen it was just visable for me which is wierd but yeah here is the video. You can hear the Sound continuing etc. . When I dont have a screen recorder my fps is also higher. Happy for any ideas/feedback. Cheers

Freeze/Shaking stats at 0:30


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