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Mid Wars only Graphic Issues

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I dont even know when it started but apparently I cant play Midwars cause every time I join a game and I am in the River Area at some point

the screen freezes and all the units are shaking. I can hear the game sound continuing but the shaking picture will stay the same. Have to restart HoN to reconnect

to the game just to wait a few minutes for it to happen again (Always when my camera is around river area).

I play ranked/FoC all the time and I never have that bug/crash. Only in Midwars (also when I spectate people). I got no mods installed. Windows 7, ATI Radeon HD5800 Series, Asus Board and Intel Core i7 920.


I have reinstalled  the client at some point. Problem stayed the same. Anyone any ideas what the issue might be?

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