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deadlift ultimate

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DL's STR gain buff is dispellable, so he's far from being unkillable.

I'd argue that the only real broken thing on him is that insane tower push ability on his W, but that's the only thing he can offer to the team

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i would like to be able to break the gravestones once again once they spawn like old times. i dont get why u can have them lying on the ground and not being able to break them. ( im not even sure if u can break them now while deadlift is ultimating, but the main focus when this is done is to stun silence him, so i never tried to see if they break at that point of time )

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Dunno what you guys have for problems with him. He was so useless before the Staff adoptation and the Staff alone makes him viable again. So if you want to adress something, change the Staff. But actually he is still far from OP in my opinion. As a pusher Defiler / Balph / Polly are just way better, because they give you way more Teamfightadvantage. Deadlift is pretty much useless, when your other lanes lose. With a farmed / fed Balph you got comeback potential, with DL that's far from possible. This Ulti is far away from being OP. It's the only thing making him viable and as said, he is totally useless in teamfights, so you pretty much kill his mates and stunlock him, when he tries to charge ult.

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Staff is strong, but i dont want him to be not viable again. so thats why i didnt mention changing stuff, but the breaky things of his graves. i dont hate the hero, idc if he gets nerfed or not. i just responded to this post ?

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Been actually playing a lot of the heroes that came out after I took a hiatus, with Deadlift being one of them. A couple things of note with his ultimate (which I think is fine).

  1. It takes a lot of his mana, and Deadlift is constantly spending mana on Q and W which both eat up a massive portion of his pool.
  2. It has a large, extremely telegraphed channel.

There are a few situations where I can see Deadlift's Ultimate going off.

  1. After the fight, when you have already won.
  2. During the fight
  3. After the fight, when you have already lost

In (1) you get a massive push boost with heroes that are usually in disarray on the enemy team or are dead. This is the ideal situation.

In (2) your Ultimate has a massive channel time, and while you are using it, you are -1 hero on a team that is already at least down 1 hero.

In (3) you revive your team in suboptimal positions, and not at full health.

In all situations except (1), Deadlift Ultimate is a lose-less proposition and in (1) it is a win-more. It by itself cannot win fights like a Chronosphere, Global Silence, Tempest Ultimate, etc. In addition, if it happens after the fight you need some burst mana to actually cast it, build toward having mana, or have a teammate do it for you. There is the sub situation where you are winning a fight, and using it can turn the tide, but at that point you are already winning anyway; this just rolls into (1). The mana situation is not understated because 3 casts of Q is roughly 240 Mana which is 1 ultimate, on a Spell that has a 4 second cooldown. There are actual situations where you want to ressurect, you do, but then do nothing for the rest of the fight if you didn't build for mana.

I think the Ultimate is fine.

A note that in Heroes of the Storm, Auriel, has an Ultimate that is global and resurrects people, and I have NEVER seen it selected in all years playing it. Why? The reason is because lose-less is always worse than win-more and prevention of death (through damage, disable or other) is better than fixing death.

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I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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