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Anime Discussion- New Season

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Given that no one decided to make this thread saddens me, since there are ton of anime watchers/lovers here. So without further ado, here you can talk which anime genre you like, what you're currently watching what you plan to watch and even give recommendations!

As for me I watch seasonal anime. The following is what I am currently watching:

Tower of god- pretty much the hype of the season ( Mc is a simp but can you blame him :D)

Gleipnir- Weird asf but good might be the GOAT of the season.

Avatar the last airbender- ( Old but recently came to Netflix so it sparked my nostalgia another GOAT.)

There are quite a few series airing but IMHO they are pretty boring and generic.

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I think this season is full of good anime series.

I'm watching 

  • tower of god
  • gleipnir
  • princess reconnect
  • hamefura
  • yesterday no uwatte
  • Nami yo Kiitekure

Especially looking forward to watching hamefura and yesterday no uwatte every week. 


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so here is my watchlist for current (ending) season:

- Gleipnir - a little strange, but if you dont mind a little fanservice (actualy a lot of), it is kinda ok

- Hamefura - isekai from a different PoV 🙂

- Arte

- Hachi-nan tee, sore wa nai deshou

- Tower of god

 + continuations from last season:

- Honzuki no Gekokujou

- Plunderer

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