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Post Haste total cost from 2500 to 2200

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Now that Homecoming Stone costs 50 instead of 135, the “value” of teleportation has decreased by 85 (63%!)

Reduce cost of Post Haste from 2500 back to its original cost of 2200.

It used to be PH was worth 12.6 teleports (1700/135).  Now it requires 40 teleports (2000/50)!

Granted, PH offers other amazing benefits, which is why it is still the best item in the history of MOBAs once the recipe was changed to utilize Striders (whoever thought of that is a certified genius and also probably quite handsome).

Nonetheless, a reduction to buy price of Post Haste is a necessary market correction due to the depreciation of the teleportation commodity.

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I don't think it should be 2200 tbh, with the increased gold rate and reward mechanics it would be way too easy to accomplish that item imo.
Maybe setting it to 2350 is a compromise?
But people are already getting it too quickly anyway :x


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