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HoNiversary: The Dream Team #1 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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In celebration of avatar sets in HoN, we are having our first Dream Team competition.

Simply pick 5 heroes with Avatars in the same set and win a matchmaking game with the complete set!

Eligible submissions MUST include a Match ID, the Avatar Set name and for fun, how many attempts it took to win with it!

An example is my personal favourite, Punk set (pictured above).

Note: If you're having trouble finding avatars to sets, go to HoN Store > Alt Avatars and click on the corresponding set icon:





  1. This competition is open to any matchmaking game variant
  2. Submissions cannot be a public match.
  3. Your team must win.
  4. Multiple entries are accepted, however a valid entry is only accepted for one set per player.
  5. You cannot change avatars within a set and enter again.
  6. Your team must include avatars from the same set.
  7. "Limited edition" cannot be considered a skin set - Set avatars must be in the same set as shown in the spoiler
  8. No codex builds please.
  9. Do not ruin games. (any games forced leave in match history will disqualify you and your team members).
  10. We have the right to amend/cancel this competition if it begins to have an undesired effect on matchmaking.
  11. Prize can only be won once.


Winners will be randomly selected from valid entries. This is no typo, All 3 teams (15 contestants) will receive the same prize.

Prize (3 teams - 15 participants): 700 Gold coins EACH


** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here**

Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!



We decided to do things a little.. differently.

Each valid entry was put into "WheelOfNames.com" where a winner is selected.

Each entry has a number next to it corresponding to the chronological order posted. This will determine the "team members" if more than one entry is made.

Congratulations to the following:

Team 1:  @`Pollo

  1. `Pollo
  2. elmeretriz (Pyromancer)
  3. Heluvan
  4. T4TO 
  5. DksRayleigh

Team 2: @ThinkinG#2

  1. ThinkinG
  2. NumberOneSex
  3. Metraleta
  4. Joshnz
  5. ``Rogue``

Team 3: @_triplo_X_ - REDRAWN.

Upon closer inspection, Trophy Emerald Warden is not part of any "Gold" set. ?

Team 3: @Tricko

  1. AssasinNeco
  2. Littman
  3. locakato
  4. steffz0r
  5. Tricko

A gif of each entry is supplied in the spoiler below, please give it time to load:


1. z1sYiXv.gif


2. mr1WFIr.gif



3.Redrawn: rK8opGx.gif


3. Winner



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Winners Announced.
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Match ID: 159154684

Community Avatar Set

Sileena (Silhouette) -> AssasinNeco
Voodoo Raptor (Voodoo Jester) -> Littman
Patchwork Devourer -> locakato
Santa Midas -> steffz0r
MSIvy Slither -> Tricko




Don't mind Midas, he has a thing to sell all his items at the end of the game ?

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Hitsugayaa` -- Kodia Devourer

PaySlash--- Axia Moraxus

LaLiTox--- Arctos Gladiator

Darkpicachu--- Grizzington

`NickSlayer ---Mistress Of Arms

MATCH ID 159187501








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SET : Rise of the Clockworks
Match ID: 159236525

InsPirado : Steampunk Electrician
kongorspenis: Clockwork Archer
finalfrogo: Iron Flux
LorDofDenYes: Cybervalk
Polarpop: Crematorium Balph




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SET - Plushies and Misfits Set Avatar

Mode: Ranked

Match ID : 159200340

BadBunnyBabe : Misfit Bubbles
`NickSlayer : Misfit Deadwood
wences104 : Plushie Pesti
HuNt3R_xD : Misfit Behe
ind3x : Plushie Night Hound




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Ser Avatar - Cyber Set
Match ID: 159199982

MALUMA`BABY - Gunblade -Cyber Assasin
wences104 - The Dark Lady - Cyber Vanya
`Pollo - Pharaoh - Cyberian Husky
`NickSlayer - Artillery - Cyber Artillery
HuNt3R_xD - Hellbringer - Battlebringer


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Mid Wars

Set Avatar - Zodiac
Match ID: 159246686

wences104 - Magmus - Scorpio
DES7ROYERMX - Solstice - The Twins
ind3x kraen - Kraken - Cancer
MALUMA`BABY - Mater of Arms- Libra
`NickSlayer - Bubbles - Aquarius


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