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HON In-House League

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Welcome all HON Players! This channel is to give back to the competitive community by providing good games and sharing worthy experiences. This is a completely non-profit organization, but we will seek sponsors, cash prizes, and other incentives as more players join. If you all are unfamiliar with what an in-house league is, it is basically an organization that organizes scrims and games through various methods; team captains, random, teams, etc. Please read the rules to understand how to join and participate in this league.



Basic Rules:

1. Players must report their MMR/Rank from their main accounts to an officer or server admin before joining the league

2. Players will be provided respective role colors based on their MMR/Rank. Respective role colors must join their respective lobbies to avoid unfair matches. (Players must maintain their MMR/Rank. It will be an honor system, but we will do random checks and will demote or promote respectively)

  • Lobby-Low: < 1600
  • Lobby-Mid: 1600 - 1750
  • Lobby-High: > 1750

3. Games type will be "Captain's Pick", Tournament Rules, 5 versus 5, Official

4. Servers will be hosted and decided based on average region/ping compatibility

5. Team captains will be decided by highest/lowest ranking or majority rules 6. Captains will choose their team based off the generic picking rule (first pick , then two picks each side, then last pick)



Players must submit their main account to an officer or server admin as well as have their main account as their name in this discord channel. Once approved, role color will be assigned. All players are welcomed. ***However if you are a known griefer or leaver, you will not be eligible to play***


We hope to see more HON Players come back to the game and bring back the competitive scene to the best MOBA game ever created!!!





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