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HoNiverStory: What HoN means to you [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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HoN represents hours and hours of fun for years, but more importantly, it has been a meeting point, today I can say that I have 3 friends (@NarcoticDvtn @ Cadderly95 @Godart) who, although we don't know each other, always project that someday We will meet in person even though each one of us lives in a country (Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador). If I remember correctly, I opened my account in 2013 and even today 7 years later, although we no longer frequent each other as much, this game continues to be a meeting point that fills us with nostalgia and laughter. THANK YOU for these years and for these friends.


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Around 2012, when I was playing other games, it was a game that I started with my friends. Then we played all the time, think of a cafe and everyone was playing this game, it was very enjoyable. NoobG was at the top of the list, if I remember correctly. Before the new heroes and patches arrived, everyone would tell each other, we were not playing the game seriously, we were living the game.
We had the chance to play with high MMR players, we watched those who played. Good old days haha ...
I even had the chance to meet some people I met from the game.
The only thing that upset me at that time and now is that this game was never advertised. LoL is not even as good as 1% of this game, but it has been advertising for 10 years without interruption and everyone is aware of it.
I came from 1300 MMR and became immortal for 4 seasons, but I can never quit this game, HoN is more than just a game for me, as long as the game remains open, I will continue to play as long as I have the opportunity. ( 3 of my girlfriends left me because of this game)

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HON saved my Money and my marriage


I started playing HON in ten years ago, It saved my marriage, I had been married 10 years and like most men of that era was hooked on World of Warcraft. The monthly payment for WOW was an absolute killer for young couples trying to save for a home in a rising housing market that actually has never stopped rising in NEW ZEALAND. I could not justify to my wife the money i was spending on WOW so I quit sold my rig and brought a LAPTOP. I drifted for a while reverting to card gaming and meeting up once a week with YUGIOH players. During out weekly meetup some of them were  talking about this game called HON vs DOTA vs LOL they were arguing something furious and i was intrigued.

I went home that night FEB 2,  2010 and downloaded the client to HON and to my surprise my laptop could run it. YAY

I entered my first battle lost and confused playing a heroe called magmus. Battle was all about me so I stayed in steam as long as I could. I liked it so much that i played the entire game running up and hiding in a steambath. I was hooked and further more it was free and open beta, my wife would not lose money to gaming anymore. I stopped spending money on many things, I just played HON when i had free time.  Hon kept me from a social life outside of my family and a small circle of old school friends. I soon saw my two school friends marriages end and WOW was a part of the troubles they were having in their marriages. I was safe playing HON not hurting the wallet or our dream of saving for a home.

My wife didn't always like me gaming but she was glad that HON wasnt costing us money when her girlfriends complained of the amount of money their men wasted going to the pub.

Its 2020 I've owned 3 different homes I'm financially secure and living in my dream location. My nearest neighbor is 6 km away and i live in the sunny mountains with superfast wireless internet and working as an Author doing my dream job as a semi retired person who plays HON with friends and is writing my very first epic novel. I'm a happily married man after 20 years and ive got 3 wonderful children. I try lots of diff games with my kids who use the PS4 but the game I still love im still playing.

Thats my true story and im about to play my first tourney with HON OMG a new experience. My goals for playing HON are simple reach 10 k games played im close to 9k over my time in hon and to create my own unique style of support using  semi carry heroes. I am currently sporting the MANDalorian tag so hit me up or hate me its all good HON is still the greatest game that saves me money.  If i had one wish it would be for them to bring back the punk event it was super fun and I really enjoyed trying to lvl up my punk heroes  TY to the HON community for the love and hate.

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Let's give it a shot! (apologies about my english, not a native)

Where to start... I remember myself playing dota 1 with my friends from school and then one day, one of them told me: "Yo, u should try this new moba called HoN, pretty fun". 
Not knowing anything about it, I downloaded and played a match with him.
I was amazed by how good it looked(in a non-childish way), kinda dark and bloody, the good mechanics and the incredible announcers and in-game features.
And this was it, love at first sight!
I've spent tons of hours playing small 'in houses' at my place during all night with my friends, from evening until late morning(when I was younger and actually could do it :D). I've enjoyed countless mornings chilling and watching some professional plays/matches. Always got hyped to watch Breakycpk and my favourite players from Sync clan.
After all these long years, I'm still playing this amazing game and enjoying a good coffee while watching some streamers.
This is the only game that never made me stop for such a long time(and will not!).
At last, I can say that the amount of fun given to me by this game, is priceless.
I'm happy and grateful to be able to play it and I will keep supporting it as always.
HoN is love, HoN is life! ❤️?

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So much nostalgia! TLDR HoN = ❤️


Back in 2009 (June/July-ish) in my final year of high school, I heard talk of a "Dota 1.5". This was of course the Heroes of Newerth closed beta. I'd never played Dota, but was willing to learn! I'm a sucker for the promise of a steep learning curve and competitive gameplay. I got into the closed beta in early August. I was immediately hooked, playing every night, devouring guides, and ranting to my fellow hardcore-gamer friend who started playing shortly after.

[Aside - the League of Legends closed beta was around the same time, which I also got into. After a dozen games, I chose HoN, and I'm glad I did!]

I managed to get guaranteed entry into the university course I wanted to do, which effectively meant I could chill out for the rest of the year and devote my time to HoN. I think I played for 3-5hrs a night, most nights of the week, and more on weekends. By the end of the year, I hit 1700+ (PSR) and started looking for a competitive clan.

I found xV5 in the Aus/NZ subforum. There was a guy from New Zealand trying to put together a competitive team, and pretty soon we had a full roster - myself, my friend, the NZ guy, and a few others. We scrimmed together, and played a handful of small-scale Aus tournaments, managing to win a few games (and lose many more). I played a lot of carry, thanks to my love of ricing, getting fat, and perfecting item progressions. I also subbed for another clan, playing support and learning some mid-level+ competitive skills. I even got to play in a local LAN tournament with a bunch of RL mates, winning a couple of rounds before getting destroyed by SLiCKz from fray/Frenetic Array, probably the best Australian player at the time.

I was halfway thru university when Dota 2 went into open beta (late 2011 from memory). I immediately jumped on it, embracing the more classic Dota goodness which HoN had well and truly started to evolve away from. My team reformed, and we started scrimming and playing tournaments again, with about the same amount of success. We were much more serious this time, with dedicated roles - I played carry, my friend from high school played support/offlane, my friend from NZ played mid, and a few others filled in the blanks. I think we eventually burnt out a bit from trying too hard and not achieving much success - playing competitively is a whole different ballgame to queuing with 5 players in pubs. Playing pubs without a bunch of friends wasn't great either - thanks to the lack of a concede option, you'd often end up wasting 30-45 minutes on a lost game. After a while, I was pretty much done with Dota 2 because of this.

Around the same time, HoN came out with a dedicated midwars map (mid 2012). I'd enjoyed playing midwars before, in its classic easy-mode no-respawn duplicate-heroes Forests of Caldavar incarnation, but this took things to a whole different level. I got hooked, finding myself playing hours of midwars and absolutely loving it compared to the hours of "serious" Dota 2 I'd been playing previously. I felt kind of bad for spending so much time on a "fun" mode, but eventually came to embrace it. I was playing 3-5 hours a night again, took several smurfs to 1800+, and happily left 3-lane HoN/Dota behind.

Fast forward to post-University. I moved cities, lived together with the NZ guy who led our HoN/Dota 2 teams and had moved to Australia (HoN can be crazy like that!), kept playing midwars albeit less frequently, and even played a bit more Dota 2 again. The International was huge - we had parties where we'd stay up all night to watch the grand final matches, which fueled the desire to start playing again. I think I burnt out on Dota 2 for good after this though, and fully embraced my first love.

Fast forward to 2020, a good 5+ years later, and almost 11 years after I first discovered HoN. I've played many thousands of games, the majority being midwars at this point (probably totaling 5k+ hours), and I'm still learning & having fun! I grew to love the Australian midwars community, especially those that stuck around. There's something really special about such a close knit, highly skilled group of players who gather around an old game. I've had some good times and befriended some awesome people. I know the end is inevitable but I'll do my best to prolong it & enjoy the time that's left.

Over & out!

- Fullplate aka Fu__plate aka Ox68656c6c6f

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HoN, what is it really? A mere game? A mere pocket world where you can leave reality and go on dreaming?

Actually, whoever thinks that it is "just a game" are completely wrong. How can someone meassure the feelings each and every people feel on each game instance as ma mere "mere".

Each rage, each happy and treasured moment,  each fail and win, even each breath playing the game was meaningful. This is whole world built with sentiment and data, avatars and skills, time and money.

Certainly, it was worth  it!

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Well, HoN means a lot to me because i broke up a 10 years engagement and i start to have some psychological problems, like  depression, i lost 10 kilos in one week, and one of thinks that made me rise up again was playing HoN matches who distracted me for a long time and now i still play this for fun.

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On 18/5/2020 at 11:40, Sliferjam said:


En celebración de usted, el jugador, nos gustaría que comparta su historia:

  • ¿Conociste a tu amante y esposa en HoN? (Hola MacroHard)
  • ¿Conociste a tus padrinos jugando a HoN? (Hola `Nick_)
  • ¿Era HoN tu roca, tu isla cuando el mundo se estaba desmoronando? (Saludame)
  • ¿Tu clan está en otro nivel para ti? (Saludo a SeSp)
  • Nostalgia (GM grind crew 2012, baby!)

¡Este es tu momento de brillar! Si se trata de una historia muy larga, te pido que por favor lo puso en las etiquetas del alerón del foro para mantener el formato agradable y limpio.


  1. Por favor, respete las reglas del foro. No publique nada ofensivo, perturbador, etc.
  2. Este es su lugar seguro, pero también es un espacio seguro para los demás. Tenga eso en cuenta con sus historias.
  3. Evita las historias negativas, ¡este es un lugar de felicidad!
  4. Las entradas y publicaciones se cerrarán para siempre el 2 de julio. Los ganadores se anunciaron el 3 de julio.


¿Dónde más te recompensan por compartir tu historia?

Los ganadores serán  seleccionados al azar de entradas válidas. Esto no es un error tipográfico, 3 ganadores recibirán la misma cantidad.

1er lugar : 1500 monedas de oro
2do lugar : 1500 monedas de oro
3er lugar : 1500 monedas de oro.


** Este hilo es solo para entradas. Para discutir las entradas, dirígete aquí **


Las descalificaciones conllevan graves consecuencias. Cualquiera que haya sido infringido / prohibido en estos hilos tendrá su acceso al HoNiversary Subforum eliminado. ¡Le han advertido!

Mi historia en el hon, no me acuerdo cuando empeze a jugar en el juego pero si tengo que poner un año exacto diria que en el 2007 o 2008 arranque jugando este hermoso juego que no deje de jugar e dejado de jugarlo algunos dias disculpen un año deje de jugar por que no tenia plata para comprar una computadora nueva en fin sigo con lo que me mandaron. Cuando arranque jugando este juego empeze conociendo a uno que se llamado santi y el alias del juego no me acuerdo pero fue hace mucho que arrancamos a jugar juntos sin saber nada pero alfinal aprendimos los juntos jugando, el era de mi mismo pais Argentina la pasamos tan bien con este juego lastima que era un poco mayor que yo y tenia una hijo hermosa, obvio que nos pasamos nuestro numeros para comunicarnos mejor ver nuestros estados alfinal de todo el se quedo sin computadora se le rompio y sigue asi todavia pero seguimos en comuncacion yo por suerte arregle la mia pero la de el todavia sigue sin arreglarla pero bueno cuestion a todo estos nos cagamos de risa la pasamos muy bien y la verdad es un juego muy entretenido desde que empeze a jugar desde hoy imaginensen como unos 13 años maso menos jugando este juego y mira que soy de jugar un juego y despues aburrirme pero por suerte me encanto y espero que siga asi. Esta es mi historia de mi amigo y yo pasandola un buen momento jugando este maravilloso juego ?

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HoN to me was the promise of a glorious future and childhood dreams come to pass.  It was the product of so many long hours, sleeping under a desk, Christmas morning releases, friendships gained, and even a regular caramelized ham, egg, and swiss on a pretzel bun with a Budweiser bottle to wash it down. 

HoN was a validation of skills and teamwork.  It was a proving ground with no participation trophies.  It was a trial by fire and "doing it live." HoN could be brutal at times, even Savage you might say. 

It has been 10 years, and I can still hear "The Final Countdown" on repeat.  

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HoN, a place where me and my friends stay close together, We were playing Indonesian HoN at first, it was when I was 14, years after, the server closed down, and the choice was either Dota 2 or HoN International server, well, I'm glad we chose HoN, thru ups and down, many "real life fights" with friends, all can be solved by pulling an all nighter playing HoN together. Now I am already 25 y.o, Still actively playing every single day without losing any of my friends! Happy Honiversary! May this game forever hold the best place in our deep memories!

1 thing tho, bring back the war efforts please! XD


[TVT]TheKonriol signin out 

P.S. I lied, no signin out! Duh, ofc another game! Hahaha

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I find myself looking for something new and suddenly I see something really interesting (Beta Heroes of Newerth) I try it and I am surprised with its gameplay, its graphics and its speed, I was really excited with everything I was seeing, from that moment a long time ago and Every free moment I have had I have dedicated to Heroes of Newerth, a wonderful game that has given me so much joy.

I am happy to celebrate more than 10 years playing Heroes of Newerth and I would like to continue playing it for many more years, it is part of my life and I hope it continues to be.

Congratulations to the large number of people who gave everything to get us where we are and I hope Heroes of Newerth returns to the top where he always should have been.

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HON has been a part of my life for long time, ⅓ of my life to be more specific, 

I still remember the day when my friend introduced me to HON, he begged me to try it with him and another friend from school, it was 2011. I was very sceptical as I had never played a MOBA game before and I didnt like the idea of paying to get more heroes but I tried it. BEST DECISION EVER!! I ended up buying the pass to unlock heroes as I could only play with a few of them, oh the old good times, then the heroes were unlocked to everyone. The beginning was really hard as Forest of Caldavar was the only gamemode available and I had to learn to play in the real battlefield. There was no green thingy that showed you the range of your skills. 

HON means a lot to me and my friends, I was studying abroad with my two best friends and we played Hon daily for hours for three years. After that I returned to Guatemala and my internet speed wasn't good enough to play so I had to stop playing for a few months. It was really hard and heart breaking, to see my friends call to battle on our chat named "HONFUNSTUN" and being unable to play due to lag, and I even had to use a VPN to be able to log in. A few months later we got a better internet speed and I was back!! I lost my account password and created a second one in which I have been playing since. I even introduced my two little brothers to HON, we created a clan and we can play as a team of 5.

HON has kept me connected with my school friends after all these years, it's been 11 years since we graduated from highschool, we live in three different continents with very different time zones but we still manage to find time to play midwars. Even if we are not in the same country, it feels like we are in the same place as we continue to play everyday. 

We joke around that Hon is life, whenever someone has an appointment, is in a party or even has to work, we tell him that in life there's a priority and that's HON!! None of us has children yet but we say that HON will be a part of our children's education!

I've seen so many changes in HON, all the game modes they introduced, devo wars, capture the flag, riftwars, midwars, the soccer gamemode i don't remember the name. All the heroes changes, items evolution, even the time when we only could use one attack modifier.

I really miss the good old days, I still remember waking up to the avatar spotlight videos on Youtube and get so excited about the new heroes and avatars. When I saw the post that HON wasn't getting updates, only a few fixes, it broke all of our hearts, HON was dying and there was nothing we could do. The game that we've been playing for years and love so much was coming to an end. 

We swear to keep playing until the last day, we didn't even consider to migrate to LOL or DOTA, screw them, as Alessandro Del Piero once said "A true gentleman never leaves his lady" (yes I'm a Juventus fan), loyalty comes first. Until a few months I started noticing regular changes, posts on Twitter and Facebook, I realised that a lot of people really cared for this game and love it so much that they won't let it die. I hope that HON gets the recognition it deserves, I hope that more and more players play it and I really hope that HON gets back to the podium it once was. 

So I calculated the amount of time I've spent playing HON and it's really really scary, giving an average of 25 minutes per game and having played 8483 games on my 2 accounts, gives me 59 days playing HON! WORTH IT! This number will only keep going up! So yeah this is HON story. 

Thank you for creating an awesome game and letting us enjoy it to the fullest for all this time! 


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Well, I'd like to say that HoN is just a game, but for me it's something more. 

I remember first time I saw my Brother playing HoN after I came back from holdiays. My first mind was: "it's a copy of dota from warcraft, not even that good" (I was a fan of w3 overall ?). 

Everything changed when I tried for the first time to play by my own. It was another level of game. A lot of new thing, game was so dynamic with awsome effect. And most important thing: it was hard. Comperetiv to other games HoN was very complicated, but not about to control you hero but about to play as a team, teamwork, comunication. Then I met my first friends, first only ingame, but then with few of them in really live. People from others countires and cultures- we spend a time and talk together just becouse one day matchmaking put us in one team ?

For now, HoN is one of the ways how can I spend time with my brotheres (actually 4 of them, so sometimes we can do 5 ppl que). And now when we're not living together, this game is a way for us to spend time together, get some fun and "spend time together". For me, this is the greates thing about HoN and Im really happy that one day I found this game! 

PS. and there are of course movies from plinko plays, which we are sending each others. Every time so much laugh when some1 win 30 tlinko tickets ?

Happy Honiversary guys! 

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bueno pues cuando tenía 7 u 8 años, a mi primo que jugaba HON y me tuvieron mucha atención, en especial un personaje que es ellonia por que tenia muchas habilidades, también el depredador, crhonos y así que me cree una cuenta y no sabía que el apodo poner, asi que me base en una rata y un rapero malhablado y salió ratrarra XD. mi primo @xxstonxx10  que es mayor que yo, me enseño a jugar y luego invite a jugar a mi vecino, mi primo menor y luego mi vecino invitó a su primo y entre nosotros jugábamos, pero yo siempre ganaba, y luego después de tanto tiempo ya se aburrieron y yo ya no veía el caso de jugar solo

3 años después ya se tenía olvidado el tema de estar jugando HON y ya no tenían ganas de jugarlo pero luego por alguna razón me dio ganas de jugar y lo descargue nuevamente y como ya tenía 11 años, aprendí a jugar mejor y volvió a invitar a jugar a las mismas personas que también ya les parecia mas facil jugarlo, y pues hasta ahora seguimos jugando HON  hasta ahora que tengo 16 y nada pues me gusta jugar este juego por que es justo, no hay hackers o trampas, lo único que molesta es el internet en medio de esta cuarentena.

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