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HoNiverStory: What HoN means to you [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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In celebration of you, the player, we would like you to share your story:

  • Did you meet your lover and wife on HoN? (Hello MacroHard)
  • Did you meet your groomsmen playing HoN? (Hello `Nick_)
  • Was HoN your rock, your island when the world was falling apart? (Hello Me)
  • Is your clan on a another level to you? (Shout-out to SeSp)
  • Nostalgia (GM grind crew 2012, baby!)

This is your time to shine! If it's a long story, I ask you to please put it in Spoiler tags to keep forum formatting nice and clean.


  1. Please keep to the forum rules. Do not post anything offensive, disturbing etc.
  2. This is your safe place, but it's also a safe space for others. Keep that in mind with your stories.
  3. Avoid negative stories, this is a place of happiness!
  4. Entries and posting will close forever on July 2nd. Winners announced July 3rd.


Where else do you get rewarded for sharing your story?

Winners will be randomly selected from valid entries. This is no typo, 3 winners will receive the same amount.

** Update **

Please note: You will gain bonus entries based on the length of your post. This will obviously give more chances to win a prize the more in-depth you tell your story. Those that just want to write lines for the sake of the prize (and ruin the idea of this) will have a less chance of winning a prize.

1st Place: 1500 Gold coins
2nd Place: 1500 Gold coins
3rd Place: 1500 Gold coins.


** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here**


Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!



We decided to do things a little.. differently.

We found that people poured their heart and soul into these comments, while others, kept it well.. short.

We felt this wasn't really a fair given the same chance, so, we've done it by "entries" instead, where:

1 Sentence: 0 Entries.

2-5 Sentences: 1 Entry

6-10 Sentences: 2 Entries.

11-15 Sentences: 3 Entries

15+: Up to 5 Entries.

*Bonus entries given for content.


The winners were selected via the webapp "Wheelofnames.com" - and the gif of the selection is per each spin.

The Winners are:

1.  @NarPower

2. @GucciKD

3. @doctornik

Congratulations and thanks everyone for sharing your HoNiverstory!

Below is proof of the Winners.

(Please note it may take a while to load!)


1. kLtiCvJ.gif



2. btWBVeQ.gif


3. JaCYVOf.gif



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Winners Announced.
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It's hard to focus on one thing that HoN did or is to my life, so I'll just not focus and tell the story (again) - pardon if I start a bit early, I just want to start at the start.

So around 2005 I finally got a usable internet connection and could tryout that game a friend was talking about for month: DotA. At least that's what I thought, because what I learned was: DotA is free, but requires you to have Warcraft 3 TFT - which I didn't have.
So I asked my schoolmates if they had that game and could borrow it to me. One did and commented: "I no longer play that game, you can use my key online if you want".
So that's what I did. Installed the usual Banlist and played DotA all day - first on Windows.
By the way, all this was on a wireless internet connection with at least 300ms ping to my router! So games where quite laggy ? .
Eventually I got a non-wireless connection to the internet and switched to Linux.

But before I switched operating system, I switched to Garena, because they had no delay ? .
When switching to Linux, I realized, I couldn't run Garena here ? , so I used google and found Ghost++, a bot which allowed you to be inside the battle net, without actually using the battle.net connection of Warcraft and instead using "local game". So that tool used my key to host DotA games even when I wasn't inside of them.

Eventually my schoolmate decided to sell his Copy of WC3TFT to someone who just never logged of - so I couldn't use his key anymore :-(. But thanks to Ghost++, which had a textfile-config, I had an idea: "Lets google for the string that contains the cd-key the bot uses".
Well - that worked. I was now proud "owner" of around 10 cd-keys ? and could host multiple games at once.

So after 2 years of DotA, in 2008 I decided to start to put my programming skills to use by creating my own DotA-clone, since apparently no one else had that idea.
I was following DotA-forums for a while and even got an item-change implemented (Mjolnir which also transfered into Charged Hammer and I still don't have my Forum-Award ?), so eventually I saw Riot announce "Hey, we're working on a DotA-Clone called LoL - you can try it out here". So I was shocked, wanted to try it - and realized it didn't work on Linux .....
Anyways, Lol looked quite casual, so nothing to really compete with my game - so I kept going. Just to find Frostburn which announced HoN inside that same forum.
At first I was frustrated, but that turned into only one thought: "I want to play that game - NOW!"
So I applied for Closed Beta, and waited .... and waited ..... and waited.
A couple of my DotA-friends got into that Closed Beta - but I just had to wait .....
However eventually I got my key and joined the closed beta! I even created a second account to give to those friends that didn't get an invite. But most of them refused to play with an Account called "ManusFriend" (or something like that) ?.

I forgot to mention, I played DotA first with friends, but shortly after: mostly alone - and always random mode. I started with "arem", switched to "ar" with my friend and without them I played arsp (all random shuffle players). So of course in HoN I hosted and joined only random matches. And I was pleased by basically no one ever leaving.
While DotA had 80% leavers in each game, HoN had none at all - and if someone disconnected, he always reconnected (which wasn't a thing in battle.net without ghost++). I didn't think that was even possible - but it was!

So eventually HoN announced it's release and a couple of bonuses if you buy it before that - so one day before release, I payed those 30$ to get my bonus-stuff ? , since I knew HoN was definitely worth that money (even thought I didn't have much money back then).

Most of my (dota-)friends also switched to HoN but funnily enough, a couple didn't because "HoN was not DotA" - and of course, they switched to DotA 2 eventually ....

Anyways, it's finally time for HoN-stories, so I'll start boring and get more interesting - like any good story.

As I mentioned, I usually played alone - and so I played HoN-games alone, queued alone and didn't care much for friends.
Occasionally I found a couple of nice people to play some games with, but most didn't stay too long - probably because I only played All Random ? .
However over that many years, of course you meet a couple of good guys, even if you're like me ?, but I don't think I really have interesting stories about those that I can tell (sorry guys and girls).

So I'll get back to me-stuff: I think I first heard of SBT shortly after beta, and I instantly wanted to join - so I wanted to apply. However the required rating was 1850 or something like that. And I was stuck at around 1670. So I didn't apply. Instead I tried to raise my rating as much as possible.
But it didn't work out - long story short: My highest rating pre-seasons was 1699. I reached that multiple times (and HoNs timeline says I was higher), but I never hit 1700 ? .
Anyways - some of the friendly people I met, were SBT-members and eventually one of them, Shi_Gosuto, gave me a friend-invite into SBT. So finally I reached my goal - and was very imitated by the skill those players had. I basically never dared to say anything and was just hoping to play good enough so wza wouldn't kick me out ? . But apparently it worked out and I played SBT for a couple of years - also all alone, since that friend had a different friend and you could only lock/play together with one other person.

While I was SBT, I also met Orlaw, which eventually left SBT to become the new Head of RCT. I wasn't really much into Bugtesting, so I stayed away for that and focused on SBT and Retail.
However eventually FB did something (imho) really stupid: they removed Balanced Random, so I had to play Single Draft ? - which was way less fun for me. So I rarely played Retail and instead focused on SBT. That only strengthened when Seasons got introduced and balance was .... (how am I gonna call it without sounding too negative) .... "changed".
But to make things even worse, eventually the linux-version of the SBT-client broke. So I couldn't play anymore. Playing retail was an option I occasionally took, but picking heroes was no fun at all. So I kindly asked Orlaw if he could need a (RC) tester. And he told me "sure, just apply and put anything in those fields - I just need a reminder to not forget you". So I did that and put something like "I'm Orlaws favorite German" into every answer ?.

"Surprisingly" I got accepted and joined RCT ? and I think half a year later I was promoted to SRCT and since I'm handling stuff there. I've created different tools (instead of studying .....) to track changes and what to test, figured out how to do some server-commands (ever seen 10 000 of creeps or 10 kongors running around the map in matches people play?) ? and in general had a lot of fun.
So even if I'm not that much in bug-testing as in balance-testing, and I miss the challenging games of SBT, RCT was and usually a lot of fun (and server commands certainly help ?).

Oh and before I forget it: Since I've been kinda active on these Forums and had some time at some point, I applied for a Moderator-position - thinking "I have like the next 6 month, after that I'll work fulltime and have little time left for HoN).
And as you probably can see - I was accepted. And it took only 6 month ? .....

Well yeah and most other stuff is kinda confidential or boring. I would love to shout-out to all those people I've met, but I don't want to out people that may not want that. So I'll just list those that are or were FB-staff (or known Volunteer).
Great journey with you guys (random order): wza, necroth, smilie, ElementUser, HyperXewl, Silvyna, Stormeren, Orlaw, Lightwalker, Microgods, Watchwalker, Crowke, CryByScout, Chime, The_Deutsch, Naib, `Shattered, Turiaki and those that I've forgotten

Oh and if you've stayed until the end, let me tell you one more story, that's close to confidential.


I've done a single friend-invite in all my time of volunteering. And that's for a person, I've met through HoN.
Shortly after I joined RCT, I friend-invited her to RCT, because she thought she wouldn't even be good enough for that, let alone SBT.
However my friend-invite wasn't really needed (you also had to apply regularily) - Orlaw said "That's the best application I have ever seen!" to her application and she got happily invited to RCT.
She found a lot of bugs, including game breaking ones! She helped me fill those tools I developed with stuff that people had to test - we had a lot of fun working through a couple of nights, and that's probably the time I miss the most.

So because I knew she was very skilled in testing and would find bugs no one else would find and she could also work through a lot of work even if it's tedious - I eventually asked my (real) boss, if we could hire her as a tester! And he said "sure, if you think she's capable and useful" - so we did, and she was very capable and useful.

A couple of month after she joined our company, my boss left the company and I kinda took over some of his subordinates, including her.
However sadly during Corona we had to let go of some workers, and due to some other things (confidential) we had to let her go.

So probably a quarter of those people reading this, already knows who I'm talking about. And I'll help the others by listing things she has done in HoN after I've friend-requested her into RCT:
* She has become a Honored Tester of RCT
* She has joined SBT
* She has joined GMs
* She has joined FB as Customer Support
* She has become my best friend ? 





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Less of a story but more a series of memories I remembered playing this game as long as I have. I do have many stories to tell, many bittersweet, but some great as well.

Repost of the previous thread as per Silferjam's request (with a few additions and changes).



Hello Newerth! Some may know me, some might not, I go by Hubaris on the forums and ingame and I have been playing HoN for a long time; and I recently reinstalled and have become truly active again ingame and on the forums. It's amazing to see 10 years of this game, a game that I still hold in my heart as being one of the best in its genre, a masterclass in game flow, design and aesthetic. I was thinking about HoN's 10th anniversary but I am not one to make videos, I'm a man of the written word and I just wanted to share some memories of a game that I still love. I was debating doing this in Off Topic or here, but considering its half vanity project, half fanboying, I figured GD is the best place to catch the pulse of the people.

  • I remember buying the game for 30 USD, and being blown away by seeing my favourite heroes from DotA reimagined.
  • I remember playing the newest hero, Pandamonium and laughing at all the terrible puns.
  • I remember Turrent and his pet Engineer, blowing people up in the forests, hills, fountains, literally everywhere.
  • I remember Rampage and his teleporting charge, his magic immunity and the rage he caused.
  • I remember first pick Scout, READY and the groans that followed.
  • I remember using Kraken Ultimate to rip entire teams across the map and watching people ragequit.
  • I remember public rooms and matches and people cobbling together All Mids before it was its own game mode.
  • I remember when Matchmaking basically didn't work and those very same public rooms and your PSR determined your place on the totem pole.
  • I remember when Matchmaking finally did start working and people refusing to let go of PSR.
  • I remember building heroes on the forums, inspired by all the stuff in the game.
  • I remember when the first alternate skins came out and the outcry of people.
  • I remember gold and silver being added and the game taking the turn toward F2P.
  • I remember the Leprechaun Blacksmith debacle.
  • I remember 3v3 Grimm's Crossing, one of the best gamemodes when you couldn't fill your 5 Stack.
  • I remember when they reworked Gladiator's voice from his old over the top FRAAAAAAAAWSSST and being sad at it.
  • I remember the height of the Tanky Meta and how it dominated the competitive scene for so long.
  • I remember the memes, 'Stay By Tower', 'Codex Level 5', 'Good to Know How Highly Your Own Character', classics.
  • I remember the rush of a new hero every 2 weeks, and I also remember the burnout.
  • I remember the weird interview with Paula Garcia about Aluna.
  • I remember the ill-fated Gunblade trailer and the pain that followed.
  • I remember DOTA2 getting its first glimpses and the fire in the Balance Group about it.
  • I remember Legionnaire's charge being bugged and doing 300-600% damage.
  • I remember Puppetmaster literally deleting heroes from the game.
  • I remember the jokes about Armadon always breaking in each patch... somehow!
  • I remember playing a lot of Forum Mafia in Off-Topic.
  • I remember running events where the community would try to build a Hero together.
  • I remember the 16-Bit HoN mode (does it still exist?) and all the visual pain it puts on one's eyes.
  • I remember Silhouette and her dominance in the hands of a certain comp. player.
  • I remember the fiercely loyal fans of HoN.
  • I remember them switching Artillery's EA and regular skin due to the fan outcry of the game's flavour.
  • I remember Gemini having a button on D that just gave him +30 to all stats (oops)!
  • I remember Strife...
  • I remember bugtesting with EU.
  • I remember Scout dying horrible deaths in every trailer as a form of collective catharsis.
  • I remember building heroes, changing items and having fierce discussions with wza and Co.
  • I remember spending a LOT of gold on Plinko to get the Cthulhuphant avatar that I wanted so bad after I got my precious Dreams of Madness added.
  • I remember the secret balance cabal that we ran on Skype.
  • I remember getting defended  a few of the competitive players even though my MMR lacked due to my theorycrafting and coaching
  • I remember secretly working on a casual OMG/WTF Mode using a bootleg client (sorry EU)!
  • I remember the reworks, the heroes and the items we worked so hard on.
  • I remember the fierce forum wars to grab the awards... And how I had them all.
  • I remember going to Frostburn studios, seeing the whole team, hitting up some drinks.

I remember why I left, but it is muted now...  Now all I really remember is why I stayed and why I came back.

If any of the old crew are still reading, I hope the future found you well, I hope things worked out for you all. You worked and sweated and slaved over this game and you deserve victory.

Maybe this is a vanity post, it most likely is, but I'm happy to see the team here giving this game the respect and dignity it deserves in its later years. I'm sure they remember more than I do, I'm sure you remember different things as well; I want to see what you remember, I want to see what you know! I want this to be a great 10th anniversary and I want this to be a testament to all of the wild stories and memories about this crazy, crazy game.

Here's to 10 Years you old, stubborn dog, and here's to however many more!



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I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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Oh man...



HoN actually made 50% of what I am today.

I started playing HoN in 2012 when I was 14yo. And it literally changed my life:

  • From a console pleb to a true pc gamer.
  • Countless times trying to tell my mom that I couldn't pause the game.
  • Named my cat after Tremble's Ultimate, Boris.
  • Every 3 games getting dc'ed because my internet sucked, but still always coming back because HoN was the best game I had ever played.
  • Made a lot of friends (the majority of them doesn't log in anymore, RIP).
  • Made a lot of IRL friends play the game with me (only one still plays till this day, I guess that's what a best friend does).
  • Created my first clan [MAPS] to only play Custom Maps and crazy custom mods like jungle only Grimm's Crossing with those friends.
  • Learned that people can say some mad things that they don't actually intend to say when they are mad/salty (including myself).
  • Started to get fascinated with Game Design because of HoN (currently studying to become one).
  • Reached 1740 mmr on the LA server and thought I was a Pro Hon Player.
  • Learned English because of HoN.
  • Moved to the INT server and still playing to this day with 250 ping without crying about it.
  • Joined the RCT team when I was 17.
  • Joined the GM team when I was 18 (loved every single moment of it, had to leave because of IRL work, college and other stuff).
  • Left the game when they changed the Mid Wars map to whatever was that abomination, came back when they changed back.
  • Never got banned, never got warned.
  • Will still be here until I die.

HoN has been part of my life for all the most important moments of it, from 14yo to the currently 22. All I can say is: Thank You Heroes of Newerth.

Shout out to:

  • Bassnium
  • SomaZ (YouTube)
  • AlexHoNPlayer (YouTube)
  • PvPAsLifestyle (YouTube)
  • moutrens (LA server)
  • Duufc (LA server)
  • Alouka (LA server)
  • All my brazilian brothers
  • All my LA cousins


With all my heart,



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Honestly, I have always disliked PvP games. However, HoN hooked me in right from the start. My older brother was already playing it before I owned my own computer back in 2010, and I played it a little bit before I bought my computer and immediately purchased the game. I spent all summer getting... less bad, learning not to buy 2 hearts, remembering cooldowns, mana costs, damage, stun durations, etc. I got gud by playing so many unranked games, I lost count (and the game did too, since unranked is, you know, not ranked). 

I mainly played with my brother and his friends, and it wasn't until 2012 that I actually got to know some players myself. Of course, from that point on, it wasn't long before I mainly played this game because of the people. Since then, I have almost exclusively played with others, preferably in at least a 3-man queue. I have never been popular, but in this game, when I wanted to play, people always seemed happy to join. I like to think they genuinely like me, and although I still don't really have any real-life friends, these people have been there for me for years now. I quit playing for a while halfway through 2018, when the 4-man queue was removed and the 5-man queue was only matched up against other 5-man queues, because of our inability to play as a large group of friends. However, I missed the game and my friends too much, and I came back to have more fun around April 2019. Been playing now and then ever since!

I'd like to give a shoutout to my friendliest of friends, the people I played with a lot and, although a number of them have left, whom I have carried with me forever.

GrandAlf, Batmand, Zorath, Pebebeles, GeorgeMucus, Linkdrag, Bubz0r, Anemia, Diealive, Silent, Whynotks69, Klaggfarfar, Sladsuse, KentoPwns and Hawklin. The players I played most with and had most fun with over the course of all these years. I still regularly come back, play some high gold 3- to 5-man queues, and enjoy my time with them tremendously.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of euros and countless hours (with all the subaccounts combined, easily 10,000 games) having fun with a game that is not only a game to me, but a place to meet my friends and to relax after a hard day of work. Thank you to the neverending work by the last remaining people working on the game and the community, ElementUser is the main face I get to see with the Patch notes and balance explanations but I'm happy to see SliferJam back up there with these initiatives, and I like seeing Stormeren and MacroHard again too! Thank you for this amazing game, I will never forget the great time I had and the wonderful people I met!


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Guest mosdefs

Hon was a video game I downloaded in 2013 to have some fun. Never would have expected seven years later to have been still playing, brief moments away from the outside world playing with friends.

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Damn, where do I start?

It was around July 2013 when I started playing, was still in high school, and was introduced to HoN from a friend that played it back then (he doesn't play anymore). I had tried another MOBA which was LoL but I didn't really like, it never really stuck with me to say. The first hero I played was swift blade and I was amazed by the mechanics the graphics and the general feel of the game, I basically fell in love. At this point I started playing at least 12 hours a day every day I would grind and play vs bots alone to learn the items, skill builds items builds, etc.. because I sucked hard. During this phase of me playing, I was completely oblivious to the forums, the volunteer groups, and whatnot. It was not until I saw certain name colors that I liked (sbt color) (gm name color) and I wondered what the hell they were and how I could get my hands on them. Then I found the forums and I started using it/checking it daily started posting a lot, reading up on nearly everything I could find that was interesting. There I learned that you could apply to volunteer for certain positions and my journey started from there.

Fast-forward to 2015 I applied to spotlight, RCT and GM. I was accepted to the spotlight group in January of 2015 and I was part of the OG group that was managed by SomaZ. The very first avatar that I earned from volunteer work was the Irish Klanx avatar. Then a few months after I was accepted into RCT oh the boy the good old days.. made a lot of friends there and had really good times, with dangerousdan  Tiga, Inomares, and most of the OG RCT crew before it was restarted. A month later I was accepted as a GM  I wanna give a special thanks to @checazzovuoi he made it happen and a special thanks to my GM mentor @Mysticserb. My favorite SGM of all time @dav787 honestly who could hate you boob <3. @turiaki my favorite potato, @pomme_ my french SGM. @shattered best feeder. Honestly, I had so much fun being a part of the GM team and meeting these wonderful people it was truly a pleasure. I was also part of the MOD team, can't believe you didn't mention me @Manu311? and was also part of the customer support team for a brief while.

It has been a long journey (7 years) from when I started playing going from a random player to once a staff member, it is truly humbling and I don't regret any of it.


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Put on the spot much?

This is long.  If you want my life story (for HON) you got it.  Also, I am aware this biography is very me-oriented and comes off narcissistic.  Sorry for that.




I believe I started in June of 2009.  Like most beta players, I was an avid fan of the original WC3 Dota.  For the first year or so I was primarily a player.  I rarely visited the forums, let alone post hard.

One of my first online friends in HON was `Drift.  Back then, we'd stomp 2v5 in public games.  We'd advertise it as such - no baiting.  This was long before there was any form of automatic matchmaking.

As time went on I slowly became involved in the HON forum community.  I started to become active in an unlikely place... Off Topic.  There were social threads (not sure what they were titled back then), very similar to what Balphagore's Belly is today, that I occasionally participated in.  I distinctly remember the user @coolcollo from the Off Topic forums who I ran into in game and who invited me to some matches with Viole.  At the time, Viole was a Game Master and I remember being completely impressed by the red name.  The player base was rather large back then and I had never even seen a red name in chat before.

Viole hated me immediately.  At least that's how I remember it.

I have a lot of fond memories from Off Topic.  I created a thread, "Off Topic Photo Album", where people could post pictures of themselves.  That thread blew up, and it was got me really excited about online forums for the first time.  It started to feel a part of the community.

While I'm on the topic of Off Topic, I want to give a special mention to Redeye, who made countless custom account icons (including mine) for free for anyone who asked.  Redeye did not even play HON; he just made icons because he was a nice guy I guess.  I also want to recognize Ricebunny for her astounding pumpkin carving skills and that she was completely cheated out of a win during a HON Halloween contest.  I do not believe she ever recovered from that disappointment.

Fast forward a bit...

At some point I started posting in Mechanics and Suggestions.  A lot.  I would do some math for the fun of it to compare items, heroes, etc.  My most well known contribution is of course the EHP guide.  I am thankful that it was pulled from the old forums and transported to these new forums.  Unfortunately that guide is grossly outdated as there have been so many amazing item and balance improvements since that time.

My favorite contribution, however, was the Ridiculous and Fun HON Math thread where I'd answer random requests.  The one that comes to mind is where I proved, mathematically, that Doom Bringer was a more efficient early game item while Minor Totem was better late game (normalized by gold cost, of course).  Obviously the point of the thread was entertainment and had no relevance to any real strategy in game.

I also posted many suggestions that later was implemented into the game.  My favorites were:  double tap ability to self-cast (this was so well received that it was later implemented into Dota 2 and LoL), upgrade courier to flying using a button rather than a recipe, have Striders be a component of Post Haste, and changing Legionnaire's Whirling Blades proc chance to increase per charge.  Even my IRL wife at the time, EmiFish, had her Hamster Courier suggestion implemented (complete with the paper airplane).  (Emi and I later divorced so this will be my last mention of her and I'd prefer if any responses to this respected that.)



Not long after that, my HON "career" started to accelerate.  I was made a forum moderator and later was accepted into the Game Masters.  In fact, those two things happened so quickly that I am not 100% sure which was first.

The GM group was going through strange times back then.  It was officially let by Feanux, but iGuy was the SGM most involved.  I remember when iGuy promoted Adam to be SGM even though Adam had less than 100 tickets completed at the time and had less experience than most.  I think they flirted a lot and it was a completely biased decision that lost the respect of many GMs.  Eventually both iGuy and Adam disappeared; not sure why.  I also remember RyanWenke, who was an honorable Game Master who didn't actually do anything related to the GMs.  He was account number 2, just after S2games (for reference, Fielding was user #3 and Maliken was user #4 iirc).  I think he helped with servers or something on the back end.  He was developing his own first person battle arena, similar to Smite, called Jecklynn Heights.  The visuals were amazing but it never got off the ground, sadly.

I was promoted to SGM rather quickly.  I worked hard at it though, and in retrospect I do think it was deserved.  I immediately started talking with Feanux about how to standardize and communicate the rules.  Back then the RAP system was very generic and there were really no laid out rules... just griefing.  I wrote a pretty thorough forum post, called "Demystifying the Code of Conduct", along with common reasons for unsuccessful reporting, which are still in existence today and largely unchanged from its original form in the RAP Feedback forum.  I made it my personal mission to bring transparency to the RAP system when before there was none.

At some point I got an unexpected email from [S2]Diva.  He asked, quite bluntly, if I'd like to be a part of the staff.  The pay wasn't much at all, but I'd be able to work remotely from home on nights and weekends.  It was a great honor.  The best part for me was that I was hired on the exact same day that ElementUser was hired.  Diva posted an announcement regarding the two of us on General Discussion.  I really wish I still had that post.  I suppose I assumed the internet would be forever and never thought the old forums would be deleted.  A lot of good memories gone forever.

My "role" was to help with mathematical analysis for Dogkaiser and wza.  They'd come up with stuff and I'd provide theoretical scenarios so they'd at least be in the ball park when it came to putting something into SBT.  They didn't give me a ton to do, so in order to not feel like a waste to S2, I doubled my efforts on GM duties and community involvement; a good-will ambassador if you must.  I also reached out to Brad with my concerns about not feeling productive, so he paired me up with AceJr to help run the original CE team.  I was very bad at that.  I am so glad that Necroth eventually took over for me; he was far more capable than I ever could be.



During all of that I was forming really good friendships from in-game and GM involvement.  Here is a short list of the people who meant the most to me.  If I do not list you I apologize; please do not be offended.

`Drift: My original friend.  He and I were still playing together this whole time.  He was able to join the Game Masters as well (I may have put a good word in for him).

Nashoba: My Australian friend who I met in-game and who latered developed into an IRL friend.  Along with `Drift, she was my best online friend.  Nashoba's IRL husband was PerfectDark, who was not that great at HON but was just an amazing human being.  I remember visiting Australia and playing Diablo III at their house.  He also was the one who came up with the Two Umbrellas cocktail for me because I love girly drinks.  It was called that because it had so much sugar it required two parasols.

Ashley: I'm not sure how we first ran into Ashley, but she was another one who just clicked with our group immediately.  Super funny.  She had a saying, "plis stahp", that my wife and I still say to each other to this day.  She eventually became a GM as well.

@MsMia: She was a random person who was accepted into the GM team.  I don't remember ever seeing her application.  Due to the luck of the draw I was doing the new GM training that week when she joined, which is how we "met".  I'll talk more about her later.

TiGa: TiGa started out by being active on RAP Feedback.  I remember being very impressed by how he conducted himself on the forums.  When I saw his application to join Game Masters I immediately approved it.  Because I was familiar with his work on the forums, I made it a point to be the one who trained him for the GM team.  It wasn't until I jumped into the Skype call that it turned out that TiGa was in fact a woman.  Stupid unisex name.  Now I suddenly had 4 female best friends in HON (not intentional, I promise).

The five of us (`Drift, Ashley, Mia, TiGa, and myself) formed the DuckTales 5 man pubstomp team.  Our account names were  HueyDuck, DeweyDuck, LouieDuck, MrsBeakley, and Webigail.  A few other friends were on rotation with the account names Duckworth, GyroDuck, and so on.  Whenever we got a kill we'd type the duckface emoji :< in all chat.  Since we were all GMs we had a pretty healthy supply of gold coins to do stat resets to keep the smurf train rolling.  In hindsight I'm not too proud of that part.  But boy did we have a lot of fun.

Other important mentions:

Vorador: Vorador was an S2 staff member before I was.  I am not sure what his role was to be honest.  Customer support?  Nonetheless, we had lots of great matches and political discussions.  Plus, he carried me since he was a far more skilled player than I was.

Emperor: Another high level player who carried me while laughing the entire time.  Interestingly, I think I played more matches of Strife with Emperor than HON.

@Necroth: I didn't play with him in-game that often, but this guy was a superstar on the forums.  He did everything I did and more... and better.  From Mechanics to Community Events he had my utmost respect.  He was also very witty.

ElementUser: We have a love hate relationship.  I think we respect each other's abilities and contributions.  Like Necroth, ElementUser was just better than me.  The reason I say love hate is because I tend to be a troll, and ElementUser was always so objective and professional.  I think my personality rubs him the wrong way.



I'll keep this part short, since it's rather personal and nobody wants details on stuff like this.


My previous relationship ended in January of 2013.  A few months later I started flirting with MsMia, one of my longtime in-game friends mentioned earlier.

The first ever HONTour was just around the corner, in April of 2013.  I lived in Southern California, just a few hours from Las Vegas, so I was planning on going.  In a shocking turn of events, Mia decided to have an American holiday (she lived in Europe) and make California, Las Vegas, and HONTour part of the trip.

I of course volunteered to pick her up from the airport, let her crash at my place, and carpool to Las Vegas.  We even agreed to split the cost of a hotel room with two beds.  ^^

Needless to say it went well.  Today, over 7 years later, we've married with two kids and a cat named Pebbles.  We're on track for our happy ever after.  That's what HON means to me.


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6/2/20 - added my biggest suggestions that were implemented; i mean, if i'm going to self-congratulate i might as well go all in
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Toxicity breeds toxicity.  Break the cycle.

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Heroes of Newerth means ALOT to me, since it's "Not your little brothers MobA"

I love the friendships that developed over the years and the fun we have/had together up to this day!

HoN has helped me cope with the struggles of reality, the option to just dive into Newerth was very pleasing.

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Hello friends, I introduce myself to you and we contacted you a part of my life called Heroes of Newert. My name is Ever Escobar (`Luneth), I am from Latin America-Peru. It all started in a cyber, at that time I was 15 years old. and I played with my friends different types of games, at that time Dota-Warcraft was better known and we liked to play it, until one of my friends (deadmanu11) and (Krikin) knew the "Heroes of Newerth". The instant we saw what he was like game we knew it was a new world for us I remember we always talked about HoN because we loved it, I talk about the past because I no longer have those 2 friends who accompanied me, But he came to tell the good experiences that he suggested a lot of you went through, surely you have fun when trying to learn how to use a new hero, since our beloved moba has many good heroes Practically and made for our fun. I tried to play it as much as possible, I remember my first reload of Gold Coins, which were $ 10 dollars and buying the Skin that I wanted so much was something that excited me a lot. I met great friends, I had rivals who deserved respect from me, and tell them you are my NEMESIS and compete With Honor and Respect, it is called healthy fun. Over time, your rivals also became your friends as my step with my VS and "Chamacquito" Friend. I know that the game does not get rid of toxic people, but friend remember that if you give importance to them you stay reluctantly, we all get upset, but we have to control ourselves, nobody learns fast or they already know how to play as U.S I met one of my best friends in this game (Rubensyaez) and (IINoults), with whom we formed our CLAN (KRAD) I know we are not good at playing but we have a great time in the game. Entos 3 last years was that I met more friends and I could say that my special person, I very much agree Heroes of Newerth, Thanks to you I have new friends: Frickylion, Mystogan, Alpedo, Ale`Unaplay, Kitty`girl and Ehaxi. I have many more friends but they are the ones who divide me the most when playing. I know that our community will grow much more, I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for reading this little history

Thank you Heroes of Newerth for bringing so many people together and giving us so much fun.
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Many of you probably know me as BangkokRush, I played this game with passion since 2013! I used to have a lot of fun with my brothers back in the days queue together and queue with my cousins as well. Now only I and my brother, HongKongRush, play this game.

We spent a few years playing together, getting good together in the game in many aspects. We got to meet many people, some of them were from Jordan where we live, like my friend Sam who is known as @CriminalAce, and my friend Abdullah who is known as @`Sikarius and now we are friends and best friends, we hang out together in real life, go to internet cafes and play HoN together. HoN may be an online game, but I am very pleased that it was the reason these people were introduced to my life.

Some of the friends and best friends I have are not from Jordan, but ones I really want to meet like @Lightwalker@Manu311 and a guy named Dillon. They are really my friends and I am really glad I joined the RCT team to get to know them. Others are from Egypt like @DarkMody and @x`Fire, and I plan on meeting with them in Egypt as soon as possible, as they helped me reaching out to universities in Egypt and now I am a medical student there.

HoN maybe a game, to me it is more than just a game, but rather big family, funny family.

Happy HoNiversary everyone, I wish a long happy life for this amazingly designed and developed game, your efforts are much appreciated.

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ok, lets do this.

i played hon since was released (beta test), i felt in love whit this game, i made lot of friends playing hon, and spend time whit my best neighborhood friends on a lan center near my house, we played as much ranked than casual, we love it. i always enjoy my free time whit hon :'). and hope i can play more this game

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words cant really express what HoN means to me, but i will give it a try:



How it all started:

I was playing CoD 4, from 2007 to 2011.So i was mainly an FPS gamer. Never thought i would start playing MoBas.I remember at 2009/2010, i was seeing many of my friends on Xfire, playing Heroes of Newerth. Also i remember arranging scrims for matches at CoD and my teammates saying to me: we need 40 minutes more ( they were playing HoN),and i remember me getting really upset about it :D.  

During my study times, my friends were hooked up with a game which at first glimpse i hated(yes it was HoN). After a lot of begging they conviced me to play. Didnt like it at all . But i had to learn it, coz im a competitive person, and i wanted to be able to play with my friends in a decent level. So after many nights of playing alone, solo queing, i started getting the hang of it ( i remember me spamming voodoo jester at the start). What made me get better was a friend of mine ( 1800 plus at the time ) that we queued together, me supporting always, and actually telling me everything i had to do, where to ward, when to use spells, when to run, where to tp, which hero to autoattack. He was basically playing 2 heroes, i was just pressing the buttons. So after 1 and a half year ( yes HoN takes looooot of time ) i was able to say: ok im getting a good grasp of this game. I 

What it means to me:  Well what is most valuable than having a good time with friends during your studies? .. First 3 years of my studies i did everything a normal person does, partying,girls, partying, some studying, more partying. After that i eventually got bored of it, and that period was when HoN came into my life. I would enjoy a night with drinks outside only on Saturdays. The rest of the days were dedicated to HoN with friends. And i can say it was the best period of my studies. We would finish Uni and head home, make a big cup of coffee, and start playing ( we were  4 people inside a big house, sitting next to each other ). The memories, the laughs, the fails, and of course the anger :D. For me it is an once in a lifetime experience. I will never change it or regret it, Time well spend. Friendship bonds that will never break <3.
Till today when we queue with my friends we recall old memories and we burst into laughs. I will share one of many: i was solo queing, and my friend was sleeping. And Ellonia in my team did something, and i screamed so loud `` OMG ELLONIA, WTF ARE YOU DOING`` and i woke up my friends from the yelling, oh man :D. 


-I remember me, finishing HoN and before going to bed i would put old HoN tour cycles to watch. I can say i watched every single one of them, and some more than once ^^

-I remember waking up to Zlappeds stream. Scout them and route them. Welcome to Zlapped family , BibleThump .

-I remember watching Pungpank playing Silhouette, and how super cool it was , the skills 

-I remember watching for the first time Angrytesties videos.First video i saw of Testie was Angrytesties Biggest Fan confirmed,* a small smile popped while recalling it now in my head 


-I remember my frist time on SBT back in the days. Was feeling proud to contribute in the game. Eventually i left as there was not time for HoN,SBT and studies. So i had to prioritize HoN and studies ^^

-I remember the big forum fights over the map change

-I remember Wza ❤️
-I remember Stay Green,BMG,REA,CoL,Sync,Not Sync, MRR,MIXXs,DDOG,Ecx,Mint,Tree and so so many more

-I remember Khezu( best educationals ever)

-I remember Scumbagnetwork  ❤️

-I remember telling people to buy pickled brain from shop, as real life brain is too expensive ?


 a single post cant describe everything.There are so many more `i remember`

Hon was always there , to queue with friends, to chill, to pass my time. And still till today, after a long day of work, i would come home, queue with friends, laugh enjoy.
Also HoN turned me into a monk. I managed my in game frustration to a level that eventually my in real life nerves handling were affected too. HoN is and will be a part of us,
We are a strong community, dedicated to the bone to HoN. 
Long live HON



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My last game ever!!!!


I`ve been playing HoN since beta, I have played too many videogames in life and trying to balance work, family, and games since I remember, due to this I have stopped playing games but Hon has always been the only game that keeps calling me back, and I just realized I will never stop playing hon and this will be my last true game, HoN 4ever!!!!!

Keep Honinng!!!

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I've been playing since 2010,  it's hard to believe i'm still here 2 kids later lmao. I've tried other similar games but the HoN gods keep bringing me back ?  
Nothing like a good hon sesh with the boys on your hangover Sundays ?

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I started playing HoN back in 2011 and I can easily say it's almost the only game that I have played in the last 9 years. Thankfully, I've had a lot more GOOD memories than BAD ones in all those years.

I have met one of my closest and dearest friends in HoN (redkode) who luckily still plays from time to time when he's not too busy. I've also become friends with many people over the years, people whom I've had insane fun and crazy loud laughs with at 3AM. Here's to hoping that I'll get a chance to meet them all one day!

HoN has occupied a fair amount of time from my life, but I don't think I've ever regretted it. Cause at the end of the day, that's time that I've spent doing something I loved and enjoyed.

An interesting story/thing that I did back in 2014 for Valentines day is: Opened HoN on my laptop and put it next to me on the table, turned off the lights and lit a candle, and finally got 2 glasses of wine for the both of us... best romantic dinner I've had, love at first sight. (I might share the actual picture someday) 

All in all, in a few words, HoN has been my go to place, my buddy that I can always count on and my crying shoulder. Whether it's playing it or watching other people play I've had an amazing journey with it throughout the years!

Happy Honniversary and I hope to become friends with more of you in the years to come!

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I am playing HoN since 2013, now its 2020 and I am still going back to this game ? I was uninstalling it and installing again like 1000 times, I just love this game, I like all these russian players making game harder for me, I like challenges, there is a lot of 4v5 games that have been won, I will become a streamer one day ? greetings for all HoN players!

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inicie jugando a hon en el 2013 por iniciativa propia , venia de otro juego onnline y buscaba algo diferente revise su foro y demas activiades me usto lo desargue y sigo hasta el dia de hoy.conoci a una ex novia ella vive cerca ami ciudad en peru,lo mas probable eske ami edad sea el ultimo moba al jugar, tengo mi familia y espero enseñarle ami hijo a distraerse  sanamente jugando al hon.las anectodas y nostalgias son muchas como ver jugar a testie a zlapped y otros mas.ahora ya veteranos en otros mobas.felicidades hon y espero vegan muchos años mas.

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I remember first playing HoN at my very first Lan with my neighbours. They were both pretty familiar with the game so they taught me the ropes during an 3v3 match on Grims Crossing. Electrition was my very first hero and I remember just gripping an enemy anytime i saw one. We played the game all night and at the end of the Lan I was inlove. I believe this is where I started becoming a gamer. Oh the memories of HoN, I started playing in 2013 and have been playing on and off every now and then and I am still inlove with the game. I remember coming home from school and waiting for the update to come out every friday and then waiting for Scumbagnetwork to upload their HoN Top 5 plays of the week.. I can go on and on about all the fun times i had on this game. 




Thank you HoN and thank you devs for making such wonderful memories for me. 


 Sorry, didn't post on account


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This was my birthday cake and cupcakes? ?





? And here you can see me and my friends: @Kalashnjikov, @Duke_Rajko, @Cira, @Tricko, @dushajni, @ladovina, @BaTa_R, @mastashiki 
?️ Everyone in this picture is a HoN player, except the ladies, Che Guevara and bar personnel ?




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Mine is more about a community than the actual game.


As stated before I story about HoN is more about the community than the actual game.

Last autumn/fall I was very disappointed with the comunity itself getting smaller and smaller and the constant frustration in the game with leavers, trolls and smurfs. I was very close to just end this chapter of my life after many years and lots of good and bad memories. One or two monthsbefore i seriously thought about leaving the game I applied for the RCT (Retail Candidate Testers) with not really much hope to get. Just in time when I was frustrated enough to leave the game I saw a message popping up in the forums. When I checked the message I saw it was already a couple of weeks old. But good news! I got accepted into RCT but also I was a couple of weeks late and just missed the testing cycle... so I thought I messed up my RCT experience before it actually began. They welcomed me anyway. And today I have to say it was one of my best decisions ever. At beginning I was really insecure cause I didn't know anything about the testing and how it works. Sure, there is the forums with some help... but practically is something different. The tester welcomed me, showe me around and helped me wherever they could, especially @Lightwalker has always been there if I had question (oh boy I had a lot, or at least it felt like it). So I take this post as a chance to thanks everyone in the @RCTBot community for their help, the fun we have in the game, the tryharding and just the presence of all the nice people around. Thanks @Orlaw (who accepted me into RCT?) my two co-helper @zaharus and @MerlienX with hosting games and helping new testers and of course also the testers itself @``Luishas @RV (See, I tagged you) @LaLiToX and many others. I mean there would be too many to name them all. Thanks to all of you!

Second thing was the HoNReborn tournament. I didn't have a team and most of my friends in HoN haven't been online for 1-2 years. I wanted to play the tournament anyway and wrote a short message in the chat. StiX hit me up on discord and asked me for a test game cause they were missing someone. I was happy enough that someone actually responded but now I was playing with them and I had a blast. We had so much fun, won most of our games and felt ready for the tournament. We stomped our enemies in the first round but knew we would be fucked against WolvesEsports. We got rekt so badly. But we had so much fun. I didn't have that much fun during HoN in a competitive game in a while and we were laughing during the game even when we lost hard. Looking forward to the next tournament we play. It is fun with you guys! @SuperstarDJs

So in conclusion my experience in HoN has changed a lot in the last few months. In a depressing and frustrating phase of HoN I found a new community and new friends in RCT and now a new team to play competitive. Thank you all very much. Means a lot to me!


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It was my first moba or online game when opened beta client. I tried to play this game but was too hard for me. Now I m playing this 7/24 because we have very good community and basics in game. I groved up with this game. I m so happy to being in this community. Thanks.

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My Favorite memory of this game was dominating a Testie 4q ? with a randomed carry Defiler. I re watched the game on his YouTube channel and listening to his mic-rage was like music to my ears.
Match ID: 158835010 ?

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