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HoNiversary: The Paint Scout #1

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Because this was so popular, we have decided to split this into TWO rounds.

If you win the first round you CANNOT submit the same piece in Round 2.


1st Place: yornuz (600 Gold coins + RXR9 Scout)
2nd Place: RaiizenN (550 Gold coins + Continental Scout)
3rd Place: DoctorNik (500 Gold coins + Scoutzo The Clown)

I'm not going to lie - some of these pieces were AMAZING. Thank you!

Round 2 begins Monday!


In celebration of those who are terrible artists talented with Paint, we have made a competition just for you!

Over the next two (2) weeks, we encourage people to post their Best Paint Drawings. They can be drawn in celebration of this thread, or previous artworks you have made.

They MUST be original, and they MUST be your own. You WILL be asked to present proof so please do not claim artwork of your own. Your post will be deleted and you will be disqualified from the HoNiversary Sub-forum. If your artwork is so horrible, we will ask you to stop, and get help.





There are a few rules:

  1. Artwork MUST be your own.
  2. You MUST be able to provide proof on question. (do not take requests personally, we need to verify entries)
  3. Entries MUST be done in the program "Paint" ONLY.
  4. Judging will be sole discretion of Admins and favoured towards Votes on posts.
  5. Note these rules may change.



1st Place: 600 Gold coins + RXR9 Scout
2nd Place: 550 Gold coins + Continental Scout
3rd Place: 500 Gold coins + Scoutzo The Clown


** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here**

Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!

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This is my work of art. I call it:

'A Bloody Tragedy'




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I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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So first i want to write the story of the picture ( has a bit of my own lore ? )



-Far across the universe, exists a galaxy, were everything u ever imagined, is a reality. In one planet of that Galaxy live our Heroes. In that planet exist Newerth, a land of magic. A land were the battle between evil and good never stops.

-The duty of the guardian of that land fall into the hands of a Gorilla. Raised by the Gods, in order to protect Newerth and establish balance when needed, he was placed deep inside the Forest Of Caldavar . Sometimes though, he might take the side of either evil or good , as throughout time the two sides fighting, have grown into power and knowledge  and learnt his weaknesses and how to control him.

-In that galaxy exists multiple universes, were everything is the same ,except the appearance of our heroes ( alt avatars )


Picture analysis:



-In the picture we can see the ruler of time, Chronos, sitting in the highest spot in the sky, below the tree of Life, placed their by the primordial deity Gaia,his mother, the ancestral mother of all life . The tree of Life is connecting all forms of creation, and along the tree of Knowledge (connecting Heaven and the Underworld) they are know as one, as the cosmic tree.

- Next to Chronos ,we see his scythe, a memento of his mother, given to him to kill his father Uranus.

-On the sides of the tree is being seen dripping the elixir of life, which grants immortality to the one who drinks it.

- A cloudy day in Newerth ( as mostly of them are); the clouds open widely after the command of Chronos, so he can take a look at his childhood friend Kongor.

-Sometimes Chronos likes to disguise as a younger version of himself, and join the fight , so he gets to have some fun, and reunite once again with his old friend.

- Ending on the background , is seen the never sleeping Eye of Hellbourne. Always awake, sending his commands to his soldiers.


My picture (took me 4 days of work/ 3 hours per day):




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I have updated rules. There will now be a second round starting Monday.

If your art piece ends up winning this round, you may submit for round 2, however you will not be eligible for a prize. 

If you have submitted art for this round, you cannot submit the same art piece for round 2 - you need to post a new one.

Thanks and Goodluck!

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