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10th HoNiversary - The Prelude. [Read First]

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10 years.

That's a long time. A really long time.

Congratulations to everyone on reaching this milestone; the staff, the players, the lovers and the haters.

Please check the other threads in this sub-forum for exciting activities to get involved in during this celebratory time of HoN.

There are PLENTY of giveaways.


From EVERYONE at Frostburn Studios, Thank you. This is a celebration for the players, for the staff members and for you.


Don't forget to claim your HoNiversary stuff and find out what's happening in-game over at:


❤️ Slif.

Please note that all moderation on this part of the forum will be increased to coincide with the spirit of HoNiversary. Seriously - don't be dicks.


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