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Thank you all at FB and the volunteers for working on the game for as long as you did even after the Garena sellout; it just goes to show how good and full of passionate people HoN was.


I've written my goodbye and last impressions here on reddit, if anyone wants to read them, don't feel like copy-pasting the whole thing here.


As i've written however, it's been a blast and made for some of the best years and memories in my life; i'll keep HoN in a warm place in my heart for the rest of my life.


HoN best moba 4 life! 💟 🤘

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Jesus christ i never thought i'd grief on this game as if it was a close person, what's wrong with me.

HoN will be the game that i enjoyed the most during my gaming lifetime for sure. Thanks to everyone involved in creating it.

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it's not a secret, but I'll repeat: for those feeling nostalgic - u can still test out all the skins by doing this
1) Open the game.
2) Press F8
3) Type this
startgame practice GameName map:caldavar allheroes:true devheroes:true nostats:true

all the voice/music is available in ur game directory in Heroes of Newerth/game/resources0.s2z file (open it with ur archiver)

also I found almost all the artwork I needed here in the Heroes section on the main site http://heroesofnewerth.com/heroes/view/102#hero

took me a great deal of time but I advise u to save those pics on ur pc if u want to google a particular wallpaper later (but not be late with that, cause pics tend to disappear from the web)

if u want a particular wallpaper for a skin u found in practice mode, save skin names from the blank images from the link above as well to be able to find them.

if u are interested in the lore, try brousing this https://web.archive.org/web/20200928012646/http://lore.heroesofnewerth.com/?page_id=503

u can also find some wallpaper previews there, but better to find them manually on the web.

read the game wiki, browse the main site before it's closed, save everything u need.

try other mobas like HotS, LoL, Dota 2, Smite.

follow the sites like https://lanepushinggames.com/

Always experiment with builds like making mage out of adc or tank out of mage, etc.

Have fun.

P.S. Download these mods - they are pretty fabulous.

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