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What is Griefing? Demystifying the Rules of Conduct

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What is Griefing?

  • Intentionally feeding
  • AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate”
  • Ability/Item Abuse
  • Item destruction
  • Item/courier spamming
  • Chat abuse/verbal abuse
  • Stat manipulation
  • Staff impersonation

Why Was My RAP Ticket Unsuccessful?

  • The Rules of Thumb for Successful Reporting
  • Top 5 Reasons Tickets are Marked Innocent


What is Griefing?
Demystifying the Rules of Conduct


Intentionally Feeding.

  • What is Intentionally Feeding?

Intentionally Feeding is intentionally dying in a way that does not help the team. This includes willingly putting yourself into situations or positions in which you know you will die and intend to die without accomplishing (or trying to accomplish) a positive goal.

Examples of Intentionally Feeding

  • Running down the lane to the enemies to die to heroes or tower
  • Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor without benefiting the team
  • Claiming to be trying to push yet is recklessly dying repeatedly full well knowing that the result will be death with very little getting accomplished
  • Claiming to be trying to team fight full well knowing your teammates will not be assisting you
  • Intentionally feeding a disconnected ally

Examples of what is NOT considered Intentionally Feeding

  • Playing poorly
  • Unintentionally dying
  • Finishing the game with a “bad” kill-death ratio
  • Claiming to feed or announcing intention without going through with it
  • Being under leveled and dying easily
  • Disconnecting and being fed by another player controlling your hero
  • Dying to neutrals or Kongor due to miscalculation/mistake
  • Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor in order to deny an enemy kill
  • Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor in Mid Wars to quickly refresh health/mana
  • Sacrificing yourself for the benefit of the team or teammate (even if unsuccessful)
    -Swapping allied carry with Andromeda to sacrifice self but save ally
    -Diving into a dangerous situation to attempt to get tower kill
    -Initiating a team fight knowing that you will be focused and killed


AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate”

  • What is AFK abuse?

The AFK detection system is designed to allow players the opportunity to remove allies who have stopped participating, reclaiming gold and items to better help them continue the match. AFK Abuse is the act of no longer participating in the match while simultaneously bypassing AFK detection.

Examples of AFK Abuse

  • Periodically moving around in or behind fountain to avoid AFK detection
  • Periodically leaving the base without intention to participate or help the team
  • Intentionally damaging self or activating spells/items/abilities to avoid AFK detection
  • Moving around/through trees on the edges of the map
  • Farming continuously without intending to help the team (particularly when base towers/barracks are being pushed)

Examples of what is NOT considered AFK Abuse

  • Successfully getting kicked by an AFK vote
  • Being flagged as AFK but never kicked
  • Refusing to kick an AFK player, even if that player is a friend
  • Farming continuously with the intentions of helping to win the match
  • Legitimately going AFK but match ends before getting flagged
  • Legitimately going AFK but an ally moves your hero with an ability/item
  • Disconnecting



Ability/Item Abuse

  • What is Ability/Item Abuse?

Ability/Item Abuse is using items or spells to intentionally ruin the game or harass an allied player. While such abilities/items may be prevented by toggling the green circle next to a player's portrait, ability/item abuse is still a reportable if used to affect the outcome of the game.
Inappropriate use of in game utilities, such as mass-spamming mini-map pings, falls under this category.
Bug exploitation should also be reported under this category.

Examples of Ability/Item Abuse

  • Willful bug abuse or bug exploitation with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage
  • Using Tablet of Command to intentionally push an ally into the enemy team in an effort to kill said ally
  • Using an ability/item in order to intentionally cancel an ally from channeling a homecoming stone or spell
  • Using an ability/item that disables an ally to intentionally allow an enemy to catch up and get a kill
  • Repeated use of an ability or item outside of combat for the sole purpose of irritating/bothering/harassing that player
  • Using Nymphora's ultimate to intentionally teleport an ally into the enemy team with the intent of getting that ally killed
  • Using Nymphora's ultimate to intentionally teleport an ally into a far corner of the map
  • Using Behemoth's Fissure to intentionally block an ally's path
  • Mass spamming mini-map pings with the intention of annoying/harassing another player
  • Excessively spamming cancel animations on abilities to irritate other players
  • Any other intentionally malicious miss-use of an ability or item

Examples of what is NOT considered Ability/Item Abuse

  • Unintentional bug abuse or bug exploitation (it can happen by accident, after all)
  • Using an ability/item on an ally that unintentionally has a bad outcome
  • Attempting to save an ally with an ability/item but being unsuccessful
  • Accidentally miss-clicking/targeting an ability/item that negatively affects the team
  • Choosing not to use an ability/item that may benefit an ally
  • Initiating a vote-kick, for any reason, even if it is successful
  • Occasional use of cancel animations to feint or bait the other team into a response

Credits to @MacroHard for this content.


Item Destruction

  • What is Item Destruction?

Item Destruction is the destruction of a team's items with intent to upset others. Destroying one's own logger's hatchet or an enemy's items do not fall under this category.

Examples of Item Destruction

  • Intentionally dropping any useful item and destroying it
  • Intentionally destroying allied items that may have dropped from a killed courier
  • Dropping an item in such a way that the intent is for the enemy to destroy it
  • Intentionally killing team courier (the courier is a valuable item)
  • Buying items and reselling with the intention to deplete gold
  • Selling items immediately before disconnecting or being kicked with the intent to deny your remaining allies the use of those items
  • Selling items in order to buy something that is clearly less useful in order to upset allies
  • Selling items in order to buy a Codex to troll your team the rest of the match
  • Selling items in order to buy a Doombringer if it is likely you may lose it
  • Stealing an ally's item that was dropped or borrowed
  • Destroying a tablet/rune/powerup to deny it from being used by other members of your team

Examples of what is NOT considered Item Destruction

  • Destroying small items that may no longer be useful such as Logger's Hatchet or Minor Totems
  • Losing items due to unintentionally getting courier killed
  • Temporarily dropping an item for inventory purposes, then have an enemy unexpectedly show up and destroy that item
  • Destroying a bound eye, even allied one, that is dropped on death
  • Destroying a tablet/rune/powerup to deny it from being used by the other team
  • Selling items, even valuable ones, in order to buy something that is reasonably useful
  • Selling mid-tier items in order to make inventory room for high-tier items
  • Selling an item in order to make room for Token of Life
  • Selling Wingbow for another DPS item when enemy carry has Savage Mace
  • Consuming more of a borrowed item than what the lender intended (extra bottle gulps, for example)



Item/Courier Spamming

  • What is Item/Courier Spamming?

Item/Courier Spamming is buying items in mass with the intent to upset teammates or ruin a match.

Examples of Item/Courier Spamming

  • Buying many Runes of Blight in order to continually destroy trees
  • Buying multiple unnecessary couriers
  • Intentionally placing wards in undesirable locations in order to upset an ally
  • Buying up wards with the intention of never placing them in order to upset an ally
  • Buying items that drop on death with the intention that they will be lost
  • Any other deliberate misuse of gold with the intent to upset an ally or ruin the match

Examples of what is NOT considered Item/Courier Spamming

  • Spamming or wasting items if the outcome of the match is unquestionably inevitable
  • Buying your own personal courier
  • Buying up all the wards but using them appropriately
  • Accidentally miss-clicking a ward placement such that it is wasted
  • Placing a ward in a potentially beneficial position that other players may not agree with
  • Buying multiples of the same item with the intent of it being useful (more than one Savage Mace, for example)
  • Going for strange or unusual item builds with items
  • Buying a Doombringer but losing it unintentionally




Chat Abuse/Verbal Abuse

  • What is Chat Abuse/Verbal Abuse?

Chat Abuse/Verbal abuse is any intentional misuse of the chat interface in order to offend, harass, insult, threaten, or humiliate another player. This includes intentional excessive flooding of the chat in a way that obstructs vision.

Examples of Chat Abuse/Verbal Abuse

  • Repeatedly flooding the chat with macros that obstruct vision
  • Making repeated personal insults that are not game related
  • Excessively using inappropriate language or name-calling
  • Calling out allied positions or vital strategic information to the enemy team
  • Intentionally and repeatedly bypassing the chat filter by slightly modifying obscenities
  • Real life threats that may be taken seriously
  • Repeated sexist, homophobic, or any other offensive comments
  • Racist comments, in any capacity
  • Discrimination against race, nation of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or disability
  • Mocking/taunting a player that you successfully reported via RAP
  • Responding back to verbal abuse in equal measure
  • Players verbally abusing one another may both be found innocent or both be found guilty, determined on a case by case basis
  • Play it safe. Do not respond to verbal abuse!

Examples of what is NOT considered Chat Abuse/Verbal Abuse

  • Verbal abuse over VOIP (microphone) is not review-able and therefore not punishable
    — If the match was streamed/recorded it may be reported if a link to the stream is provided
    --- A senior staff [SGM] member in game under a sub-account may manually suspend if the abuse is witnessed first hand
  • Occasionally using chat macros that do not obstruct vision
  • Consistent whining or negative attitude
  • Infrequent insults on in-game play style
  • Infrequent obscene outbursts
    --- If you truly do not want to read bad language, turn on the chat filter in the interface options
  • Threats to report you for griefing


Stat Manipulation

  • What is Stat Manipulation?

Stat Manipulation includes any subversive method of intentionally altering, modifying, manipulating, or influencing match outcome or user rating.
For the sake of the following descriptions the term “plant” refers to any account that is in collusion with the offending player, whether it be a friend's account, alternate account, sub-account, or bot.

Stat Manipulation is not an available category on the RAP in-game menu. Such cases should be presented to an SGM directly as they often involve detailed.research above and beyond what is required from most GMs. See the FAQ for how to properly contact an SGM.

Examples of Stat Manipulation

  • Using a plant on the other team to intentionally alter the outcome of the match or influence user rating
  • Having a plant on your own team to intentionally alter the outcome of the match or influence user rating
  • Conceding for the sole purpose of artificially lowering matchmaking rating
  • Manipulating automatic matchmaking preferences for the purpose of being matched against a specific team

Examples of what is NOT considered Stat Manipulation

  • Ward spamming/wasting (this may still be against the Rules of Conduct for other reasons; see Item Spamming)
  • Intentionally playing against a friend where both parties earnestly participate
  • Coincidentally being matched against a feeding player that is not in collusion with the suspect
  • Resetting stats or creating of a new account in order to play at the 1500 rating level
  • Taking advantage of an unfavorable situation not deliberately caused by the suspect (such as the enemy team disconnecting)
  • Using unorthodox tactics in order to secure a victory in an otherwise lost match (such as “backdooring”)




Staff Impersonation

  • What is Staff Impersonation?

Staff Impersonation is defined as claiming to have the power to suspend an account or expedite its process via privileged relations. Claiming to have connections with and privileges from the GM / Staff team is considered to be Staff Impersonation when used as a threat.

Examples of Staff Impersonation

  • I will get you banned
  • I work for Frostburn Studios
  • I will get my GM friend to review this
  • Try to log in tomorrow
  • I am admin / GM
  • You're going to get IP banned
  • I will handle your case

Examples of what is NOT considered Staff Impersonation

  • I will report you (or asking everyone else to do so)
  • What you're doing is a bannable offense
  • I hope the GMs will see the same things I see
  • I hope you get banned



Why Was My RAP Ticket Unsuccessful?

Common Mistakes when Reporting


The Rules of Thumb for Successful Reporting

  • Before reporting a player, ask yourself these questions first. If the answer is “NO” to all of them do not bother reporting:
    ---Were the actions intentionally malicious?
    ---Did the actions potentially change the outcome (who won) the match?
    ---Did the actions damage the statistics of another player?
  • Be as detailed in the description as possible
    ---GMs can often work around incorrect categories or inaccurate time stamps as long as your description is detailed!
  • Try to empathize with the reported player
    ---Did he really intend to grief another player or throw the game?
    ---Or are you simply mad that he played poorly?

Top 5 Reasons Tickets are Marked Innocent

  1. Not a Violation of Rules of Conduct

    ---Player reported for Intentional Feeding, but deaths are determined to be unintentional
    ---Player is reported for AFK Abuse, but player was legitimately AFK and did not avoid AFK detection
    ---Player is reported for backdooring, inappropriate vote-kick, smurfing, etc

  2. Wrong Player Reported

    ---Teal reported for something Purple does (perhaps their names are similar, or there is confusion who fed the courier)
    ---Blue intentionally feeds Pink, but Pink is reported for taking advantage of that and getting fed

  3. Extremely Vague Report

    ---Player is reported for “griefing” with no other explanation
    ---Player uses wrong reporting category and GM cannot figure out what the offense is
    ---GMs will do their best to find violations even if incorrect category is used as long as the description is detailed.

  4. Wildly Inaccurate Time Stamp

    ---Player reports an incident that happens very late in the game but indicates that it happened in the beginning of the match
    ---GMs will do their best to find violations even if the time indicated is incorrect as long as the description is detailed.

  5. Actions Did Not Change Outcome of the Game

    ---Player is reported for spamming couriers, but it is done as the shrine is being destroyed as a joke
    ---Player is reported for AFK Abuse, but does so while the enemy has mega creeps and there is no chance for a comeback
        No chance for comeback literally means no chance!
        If your allies are still trying to win do not abandon them!



Most of the people encounter a problem where their inquiry won't go through, that usually appears when/if you don't meet a certain requirement.


In order to submit a ticket/inquiry to help desk you must fulfil some requirements or else you will get the red bar error and your ticket will not go through.
Here are those 2 requirements:


  1. Subject must be minimum 3 characters, max 30
  2. Description min 10 characters
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