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What to do to get successful reports:

If you want your reports to be successful, do this:

  • Get another player from the same game to report the offender. This drastically increases the chances that your ticket will be looked at (in fact, not following this rule will most likely lead to your report not being read)
  • Include the precise timestamp with the slider (and mention whether it's in-game timer or replay timer)
  • Write a concise and accurate description. The more accurate the report is, the quicker it can be processed.
  • Verbal abuse, racism and discrimination often leads to a permanent ban
    • Other heavy griefing actions with clear intent to ruin the game (e.g., intentional feeding) also often leads to a permanent ban.
    • VOIP abuse will be accepted ONLY with additional evidence.
    • We suggest installing OBS and recording all of your HoN games to retain this evidence: https://obsproject.com/
  • Make sure your offense matches your selected category
  • Reports should be written in English
  • Only report for bannable offenses. Full details can be found here: 


What NOT to do:

Doing any of the following can quickly lead to your report to not be considered or looked at:

  • Reporting for just being AFK.
    • This is NOT bannable on its own.
    • You have to be avoiding AFK detection or refusing to participate in critical fights when your team asks you well in advance to be there.
    • Refusing to participate in too many teamfights increases the risk of you getting banned.
    • Writing the description of "AFK" without accurate info of how the player avoids the AFK detection or avoids teamfights excessively will lead to the report being ignored
  • Reporting for just "feeding" in the sense where a player seems to just have a high death count.
    • This is NOT bannable on its own - most of the time, the player is simply playing poorly.
    • We only ban for intentional feeding.
    • Writing the description of "Feeding" without accurate info of how the feeding is intentional will lead to the report being ignored
  • Reporting someone just for leaving a game
    • This is NOT bannable on its own.
    • Exceptions do apply if you see the same person leaving many of your games and have explicit evidence to back that up
  • Reporting with a generic, non-specific description
  • Making a report that is not accurate at all
  • Report's content does not match your selected category
  • Reporting a non-bannable offense
  • "Rage reporting" (yes, this is where many reports end up being garbage)
  • Not doing all of what was mentioned in the "What to do to get successful reports" section
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Players are free to use whatever tools they want to provide supporting evidence for VOIP/microphone verbal abuse, e.g. OBS, the Windows 10 Game Bar, etc. We suggest OBS because of its free and open-source nature, as well as how intuitive it is to use for our purposes here.


How to set up OBS to make your video + audio captures for evidence regarding VOIP/microphone abuse as pain-free as possible:

1) Download OBS from their official website: https://obsproject.com/

2) When you open the program you see something that is pretty empty. At the bottom there are several boxes. One of them in called Sources. 
Click the "+" sign in the Sources box to add sources. You need to add your screen and the audio input that HoN uses, so you can record audio as well as video.
After the "+" sign, there's a dropdown menu. The relevant sources you need to add have a Screen as an icon and a Speaker as an icon. Add those two (credits to the main thread here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/4565-do-you-want-to-report-people-for-chat-abuse-over-the-microphone-check-this-out/

  • If you have sound enabled in HoN, you should see the audio source bar fluctuate and also see the HoN video feed in the capture window of OBS.


At this point, you can just press "Start Recording" to record all your HoN games and then press "Stop Recording" to avoid having your videos consuming too much disk space.


What I suggest instead is for you to use the Replay Buffer feature that OBS provides, as you don't need to fill up disk space with large video files.

The Replay Buffer feature continuously captures whatever footage OBS is capturing for the last X seconds (whatever you configured in the previous step). When pressing a hotkey that saves the replay, it will save the contents of that footage into a video file.

1) Go to Settings -> Output. You should see a "Recording" section and a "Replay Buffer" section. Tick "Enable Replay Buffer".



In the second box, configure the maximum replay time to whatever you want. I suggest 120 seconds for the average player, as that should be more than enough.


2) In the Settings menu again, click on Options, then go to Hotkeys. Scroll down until you see the "Replay Buffer" section. Set the hotkey to whatever you wish to save the last X seconds of whatever OBS captured


Remember this hotkey.


3) In the main OBS window near the bottom-right, whenever you are ready to record, click on "Start Replay Buffer":



Then play HoN as normal. If you encounter someone verbally abusing over the microphone, press the hotkey you assigned to the "Save Replay" functionality of the Replay Buffer.

After the game, when you are ready to report:

1) Upload your video as an unlisted video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ . Copy the video URL and keep it handy for the next step.

2) Report the offender by looking at the Match Stats of the match where the offender was verbally abusive over the microphone. File the report, following all steps in the first post of this thread. Additionally, include the video URL of the VOIP/microphone abuse as extra evidence.

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