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hi element first of all i rly would thank u for all uve done for hon in last years

am playing since 2011 i had only one ban back in 2015 for not joining team mates as i remember 

in last 2 years i dont rly play hon much as before coz of my job i play 1 or twice i week  

am sharing a roam with my brother hes playing hon daily and he did something am not rly sure what it is and he got ban throw the ip

today is my day off when i foundout that my account and subs all are permanent banned coz of what he did 

he told me in the beginning that one guy knws the gm did this and show me a clip while he plays and i blieved him but then he said he trolled in soo many games 

he never played my accounts and he dont knw my password never shared any of my accounts to any one he did that on his many account he created i only knw few of them fearmyskills boyka_007 and more

so he didnt even played with any of my accounts but i still got the ban on mr_bo0om and subs under it

i tried to talk to the gm and he simply told me to (move on nothing can be changed)

am bagging u to make it fair for me 



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