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Hello , this is my 3rd attempt to report player ( i reported in game - Ticket not colaborated , used RAP system - got response to use in game ( which is strange because i used rap in game and it says it's not looked into ) . Match ID 163030139 , hero player : Arachna

Griefing - Feeding ( reported twice without success - so im typing here aswell ( this is 3rd attempt ) . Please check , if he was not griefing / feeding , you can freely ban my account for wasting time. Thank you !!!

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No one will ban your account for reporting too much 😉. Not corroborated means that your personal rap-history is not good enough to make GMs look into your reports if you're the only one reporting that player in that game (It takes a lot of valid reports to reach that state, took me a couple of years).

To prevent anyone from abusing that option, SGMs will probably not look into single-game reports made through the rap-portal, so the ingame report function is the only way to get those people banned. However you can use your friends to make those reports looked into - two players reporting the same player within one game and at nearly the same time, will (afaik) always result in GMs looking into it.
Players that report do *not* have to be in that game themselves, they can access the match stats and report as if they were in that game. However be aware that they have to report within 2 hours of your report! If the report is correct, both of you will gain more rap-reputation, so eventually you'll be able to report for yourself.

Oh and please choose more appropriate titles for your thread and use the correct forum section about RAP. EU will not do anything about player reports. Just to prevent others from being confused from this thread-title, I'll close this thread.

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Please see this thread for more details on how to get your reports to be successful:

Copy-pasting what I wrote on Reddit:

Now that our RAP portal has been finally cleared once again:

If you want to help HoN be as griefer-free as possible for the rest of its lifetime, please follow the steps outlined in the forum thread.

I guarantee you that if your report fulfills all of the appropriate criteria in that forum thread, then your report will be looked at. We do have mechanisms to filter out garbage reports (notably, reports with only a single player reporting that offender in a particular match), so it's very important that the steps are followed to minimize the garbage we received. Approximately 60-70% of all reports are actually garbage reports, and our relatively small team cleared out well over 3000 reports within 2 months. Even so, we had to apply stricter rules to make sure that actual griefers were being reported, while minimizing garbage reports.

Please do your part to make HoN as enjoyable as possible for the legitimate players out there. Thank you!



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