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Bad connection , 200 ping , pocket loss and disconnection icon

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Hello friends , ive been playing hon last month frequently and now Im facing a problem with connection . Im playing EU server only and I didnt have any lags at all ,   I had stable 140 ping which is perfect for me . So the problem is that I have 180to 200 ping , pocket loss 30-50% and sometimes hon is even getting crashed . ALso i have disconnection icon appearing every 4-5 seconds and delay of most animations . 

My internet connection is good , checked with provider also , nothing wrong from their side  . I also  renewed the DirectX to the latest version as you suggested  , My system doesnt required any updates , I literally dont know how to deal with it . Is there any ideas? 


P.S. I apologize for my poor english 

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Looks like I have the same issue.
(Hon support redirected me to this forum btw)

My facts :

  • EU servers only
  • Not all matches
  • Worse in the evening
  • No download / upload / windows update or any background network task during games (of course!)
  • When there's delay, the disconnected sign is showing intermittently resulting in massive 1-2 sec delay for action
  • When there is huge spikes, the ping and packet loss indicators are trolling heavily ? showing regular ping of ~100ms and packet loss less than 1%. It doesn't help to get other people in the game to acknowledge your problem
  • As an example : got a terrible game on EU103, and a lag free game on EU87
  • It started a week ago
  • I have a good fiber optic internet that rarely let me down and when I have problem on a HON server, anything else looks fine.
  • ... looks like some congested network route that we're unfortunatly using...

Back in the glorious days, we could trace the route to the server IP to see where the problem was happening, but if there's an easy way to get the server IP now, I don't know it.
Anyway, what can we do if we find a network node to blame... ?

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packet loss details were ommitted
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