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Old Development Stuff (Custom Map's etc) I never showed anyone

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Here's some old stuff I made many many years ago ( some of it awesome, some of it cringe ) if anyone's interested, just gonna dump it here, a few of these are on youtube but not all of it.

It's a mixed bag, some are personal projects I made for fun and practice, some where tech demo's or examples to show the higher ups to officially put into the game.


[Stupid Video] Me pitching a "new revolutionary" balance change change to Tempest, very balance, very yes, contains alot of aussie, sorry not sorry



[CUSTOM MAP] Single player scenario based tutorial where you play as Hammerstorm and learn the basics of the game while completing objectives, has tons of custom UI/camera/movement events, dialog boxes, etc



[CUSTOM MAP]  Hammerstorm wakes up in a strange dimension, this was meant to be a dungeon crawler, god the dialog makes me cringe I made it like a decade ago, but basically you would explore, kill random monsters, level up and get random loot and stuff



[CUSTOM MAP]  HoN Tutorial tech demo I made to show the higher ups what potential there was for having a map where you learn about Heroes of Newerth lore and how to play the game, this uses some really advanced tricks, I narrate this like a typical aussie so contains needless swearing and over use use of the C word, sorry not sorry



[Machinima] A casual game of HoN where tempest is just trying to farm but everything goes wrong, eventually he snaps and all hell breaks loose



[CUSTOM MAP] This is a funny game mode I made for MilkFat's birthday where real life heads of the S2/Frostburn team are put on heroes and you race, I think it was based off a warcraft 3 map or something I don't remember but its funny



[CUSTOM MAP] Newerth TD (Early alpha gameplay before custom map comp)



[CUSTOM MAP] World of Warcraft Arena in HoN



[CUSTOM MAP] Warcraft 3 in HoN



--------Misc Stuff------


Animated Icons in HoN tech demo (Icons by CJXander/Refract Art, check him out on youtube, he's a beast)



Stupid video of Solstice VS Goku in caldavar in a kamehameha battle, lmao



HoN Login Screen but with 3D Models from Savage 2, I didn't like how this turned out but it was a cool idea to test out



10 VS 10 with random spells as martyr in a tiny arena, pure chaos



Madman model with other hero animations forced on, pretty funny



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Well, since you're sharing stuff @HyperXewl, I'll do the same


I used to edit a Saint Seiya fan made map for Warcraft 3 called Sacred War Revolution and this was my attempt to "try it out" on HON and decide if I would port it here or not...

but the problem was that S2 and Frostburn were always scared of allowing custom maps and the only way to play it was with a "customized" HON version that allowed LAN games, so in the end I gave up...

I love HON, but not listening to it's community and not allowing custom maps is the reason HON is dieing at 12 years old and Warcraft 3 is still alive after 20 years...

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On 2/13/2022 at 9:05 AM, gohomeudrunk said:

I wish we could open source this game 😞

*For educational and historical propouses only*

... rumors say that in the past a group of people managed to edit HON's 3.X client to allow anyone to host their own HON server ...

... the rumors also say that this client might still be out there, forgoten, on a random HON Thailand facebook page waiting for a brave IT hero to find it ...

So, theoretically, if you believe in fairy tales... than even without the source-code, someone could take the hero/map files of today's HON and use the edited HON client to host it a private server, like people do with old games like Mu online and Lineage II

Unfortunatelly I don't have the time and dedication required to investigate such rumors...

I hope I made it clear that these are just rumors and hopefully this post won't be erased...

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I have been missing WC3 'Warlocks' RPG/custom map and 'Hero wars'.
Warlocks is 2v2v2v2, 3v3v3v3, 4v4, FFA or something to that effect.
You start of with your warlock character with fireball and you can buy different spells.
The goal in the arena is to push people out with your abilities in the lava where they drastically lose health.
You score gold for kills.

Hero wars is basically like Hero line def or Dota but a team of two and is a more casual yet action-filled approach.
It's basically very sped up with one lane.
It includes 1v1/2v2 duels
You can buy str/agi/int and items to boost your hero (which is better for duels) and fixed damage/gadget items.
You can also choose to upgrade your lane creeps which is expensive but generally the most powerful long term approach.
In the last upgrades usually no hero can def unless it has some invis item to then solo backdoor the enemy base.

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