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Permaban even though I haven't played for 2 month

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I havent played for 2 month. Yet, yesterday I got permabanned for bad nickname?
I do not have any sub accounts or anything.


  • Your Heroes of Newerth account has been suspended.
  • Start: 2022-01-30 09:50:56
  • End: 2097-01-30 09:50:56
  • Type: Regular
  • Name: Permanent suspension
  • Note: If the suspension name contains a "then" action, this new suspension will automatically be applied after your current suspension ends.
  • Note: If you are suspended for a bad nickname, you must wait until the Type becomes "Bad nickname" before you can change the nickname.

I also have a friend (called HITMECOWARD) who got the same ban, on all of his sub accounts. Did this happen to anyone else?


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