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Farewell and thanks for all the feeds!

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Hey guys, just wanted to put my 2 cents in now that HoN is in it's final days.

HoN was my favorite game for over a decade and I think it was the best MOBA created. Wish they hadn't messed up in the promotional phase and it had taken off and gotten huge, would have been so cool. 

I've had my problems with immaturity and toxicity over the years but I feel like HoN has helped me develop an insane amount of patience that nothing else ever could. I'm well-known by people for keeping my cool no matter what, people even say "I've never seen you upset, it's so weird". If they only knew how hard they would have to try to upset me LOL. Nothing can compare to the frustration of a troll/griefer in HoN, I seriously can't be budged by almost anything thanks to experiencing that. 

Over the years I got pretty damn good at the game and went from your average silver to a pretty decent player in my own right, I think I could have hit diamond eventually. It was a really fun journey along the way, I didn't always like the patches or changes but I learned to like them anyway. I appreciate all the staff that worked on this game over the years and I'm glad I played it as long as I did. You guys were great, the events along the way were really fun like War Effort and all the holiday stuff. The coummunity was... well you know, but they had their moments. There was some seriously great laughs and fun along the way.

I don't really talk to anyone else who plays this game so this is just an open letter now that it's over, it was awesome! To everyone who ever trolled me or griefed me, you are forgiven. To everyone who ever carried me or supported me, you're awesome! And to anyone who I griefed or made feel unwelcome over the years, sorry for being a huge asshole. 


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