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Patch 4.10.1 - Patch Discussion

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22 minutes ago, JellyBringer said:

Ahh man I miss those days when Salomon was actually fun to play with or against... Do you remember his first iteration with Djinn blast and the other spells? 😄 It would be cool if he could do more than AFK farming in the jungle for 20 minutes, and not lose because people without high enough MMR does not know how to abuse farming in the jungle. Well, at least Prophet was freed from his curse of raven form era so I have nothing to complain about I guess 😄

I sometimes play him Long-lane semi carry instead, cause he can just jump over to the jungle creep there and take them. Though it works best vs a solo-short or two guys without much stuns. Cause yeah, he really cant contribute ANYTHING until level 6 and even then barely. 

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On 1/23/2022 at 7:29 PM, ElementUser said:

Have you seen Amun-Ra's win rate & read the patch notes?

Amun-Ra's performance has increased ever since the patch. Playing him as a jungler from level 1 was nowhere near optimal - he is much better in lane & always has been, but the jungling capability from level 1 clouded that possibility from the majority of players who just want to farm the jungle all day.

It was a good way to jungle Amun by basically kiting around the creeps like a Draconis, and was a decent ganker aswell which encourages to gank with the hero compared to other junglers

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It wasn't really a "good way" to jungle with him. He was noticeably slower than other junglers which makes him kinda not having any momentum. Let's say legio obtaining his PK 7-10min into the game, he will actually have a chance of killing the enemy carry rather easy. RA did not have the ability means free farming carry will keep his advantage up and you will lose late game at some point. RA relies on having a hotbl when jungling and even if he manages to get a PK it will be kinda too late already as his kill potential is also far lower than a legio/para/tempest for example.

I'm not saying you were not able to win games as RA jungle but it's simply not effective in an even game. I'm glad that he became a laner.

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On 1/23/2022 at 3:05 PM, Ondis said:

I really dont like the notion of "nudging" players into what developers consider "intended" behaviour in game instead of having them explore the game on their own, creating their own meta. 

Yeah, his winrate will now be above 50% instead of around 50% but his actual ability to do different things will be diminished 😛

But its fine, I dont care too much xD and as you know we have so different views on this so just ignore me lol. I know its industry standard nowdays. 

Some results are too cheese to linger in the game (even if they are incredibly niche), largely because of the consequences & potential to counterplay them. See the incident where in a tournament, players picked heroes with summons to block off a lane to starve a lane out of XP and then mass push a T1 tower (and most of T2) when heroes were only level 3/4 at most & are unable to counterpush properly.

Or, Devourer's hook displacement of neutral creeps early in the game to manipulate creep waves in a way where other heroes with summons cannot (i.e. hooking ancients to creeps and pulling creep wave to ancients) - again, can't be counterplayed.

In this case though, it's removing an option that is just bad (see: Soul Reaper's E, Predator's E for jungle restrictions). The same thing was applied to Ra for the same reasons.

Regardless of whether you agree or not, these changes, when done for the correct reasons, are better for the game than if they are ignored & let players do what you say they should be able to do. We allow many out-of-the-box strategies and in-game mechanics in terms of behaviours and interactions, but some factors dictate whether some should be restricted and mitigated to a large extent.

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