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i have been playing moba since dota 1, i saw the launch of hon and lol, i could see several mistakes and successes of the game throughout this period, in my opinion the main mistake of this game was being released in pay to play version, while its direct competitor was garena (dota1) and league of legends (free to play) needless to say that the great mass and community of mobas were everything to lol, a small part came to hon (myself included) and the faithful continued on dota 1 and went to dota 2 later, but that was the main point and reason why league of legends has such a strong base these days, because of that LOL now takes the place of what HON was supposed to be. but what do i mean by that? that there is another window currently open for the HoN x NFT scenario, nfts games are on the rise but there is still a lot to evolve, most games are not really games, it is a very small scenario yet but it has been growing very fast and there is STILL room for HON, as its competitors so far, I can name a few like mir4(game, playable) axie infinity (cards), bombcrypto, assorted genres will not compete directly with HoNFT. but in the MOBA genre on nft it is occupied by THETAN arena, which for us? it's pathetic. There is no complexity or mechanics compared to HoN. HoN manages to be infinitely better than up to dota 2 in some aspects, such as mechanics and game speed (even if its development has stopped in time), even today it is very advanced considering the time of the game ; finally, there is room for hon in a new market that can (as in the past) play an important role in the evolutionary process of games, and has MUCH TO EXPAND (large game companies are being pressured to do this every day) who knows, maybe even return to competitive and conquer a new community besides attracting the old players and "stealing" some players from the current mobas, because people are eyeing the Crypto coins + games (good) scenario in the scenario. HoNFT could not only revive from the ashes but become a POWER IN MOBA AND NFT TOGETHER. you will close the game but it's not the end, there's hope since it's broke and you'll close it doesn't cost a risk, create the token develop links with PLAY + FARMAR TOKENS + BURNING TOKENS (skins, monthly fees, unlocking new characters, basic things that are already in the game), and have a great power in hand again.




                                      PLAY TO EARN  


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